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Free Intense Background Music – Rise To Death

“Percussion heavy and intense with a chase-like motion heading towards a climax or a cliff hanger. Horns, percussive drums buddy together to create a suspenseful, intense background music score specially for your projects – free!”

Download in high quality WAV the track Intense Background Music – Rise To Death.

Use this track in your videos, events and functions or any project you have in mind. Intense background music free courtesy of JewelBeat Royalty Free Music Library.

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Video: Cookie Queen
Meditative Background Music

Video: Cookie Queen
Featuring the track: Window View
Album: Inspirational Pop Rock 3
Created by JewelBeat Royalty Free Background Music Library

‘Cookie Queen’ can be just about cookies … or even cooking. But a deeper look into ‘Cookie Queen’ will reveal it is more about the relationship and quality time spent with your love ones, especially your children.

Lovingly produced by the JewelBeat creative music staff, hope you’ve enjoyed this video as much as we’ve taken time to produce it. The background music used in this video is ‘Window View’, a sparse and relaxing, neutral contemporary pop piece featuring the piano and guitar.

JewelBeat’s background music can be use in your videos, including your YouTube videos, home videos, corporate videos, promotional videos and more. Only $2.99 per track of $9.99 for the whole album of all 10 tracks with all edits, totaling 70 tracks. Always royalty free and YouTube friendly.

You will find loads more videos created by our team paired with our royalty free background music:

Free Vocal Background Music – Time To Relax

“Folksy scatting meets Sarah Mclachlan in this moody relaxing yet rhythmic vocal piece.”

Starts abruptly because it is meant to loop continuously. No to worry once sequenced to loop, it will be seamless. Freestyle vocal scatting in a melodic manner with a relaxing soulful vibe. Guitar background base strumming matching contemporary vocal licks.

Downloadable in WAV Free Vocal Background Music – Time To Relax.

More vocal background music tracks here at $2.99. If you are able to credit and work well with creative commons music, here are hundreds free background music tracks you can download.

Video: Airborne Attack
Epic Trailers Background Music

Video: Airborne Attack
Featuring the track: Violent War
Album: Epic Adventures 3
Created by JewelBeat Royalty Free Music Library

Our first review in our ‘JewelBeat In Action!‘ series, Airborne Attack is a health community message about the deadly spread of germs and diseases pared with epic, action, intense trailer style background music. Feeling of chase as the deadly droplets spread. Share to pass on the awareness to avoid the spreading of unwanted diseases be it the common flu or other more deadly diseases.

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JewelBeat In Action!

You’ve probably seen a couple of videos the JewelBeat staff have produced that incorporates our royalty free music. If you haven’t, yes we have a good number of videos produced inhouse by our creative talent featuring some of our favorite tracks.
Find them all here: JewelBeat In Action Videos.

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Tribal Background Music – Tribal Festival

“Traditional tribal celebrative festival music from ethnic groups. Chants and steady rhythm with colorful background moods.”

Download in high quality WAV the track Tribal Background Music – Tribal Festival.

Here are several free tribal world background music tracks you may also be interested in. Voices of The Tribes and War Between Tribes.

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Traditional Background Music – Traditionally Bound

“Traditional background tribal music that is hypnotic and features distant chant and rhythmic drums and shaker.”

WAV downloads for Traditional Background Music – Traditionally Bound.

There are several other free traditional background music featuring tribal and ethnic beats here:
War Between Tribes
Voices of The Tribes
Tribal Festival

More traditional tribal music at our main catalogue that does not require any credit and only at $2.99 per track.


Know Your Camera – Part 4: Frame Rate and Resolution

Frame rate and resolution are two features that affect the image quality your camera produces. Today cameras are capable of producing images in stunning HD up to a whopping 1080p in sixty frames per second. But what do these numbers all mean?

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Uplifting Background Music – Uplifting Spirit

“Uplifting background music features rhythmic strumming guitar moods for a wide range of uses including YouTube, corporate videos, background for events, photo slideshows and more.”

Download this uplifting background music track for your projects: Free Uplifting Background Music – Uplifting Spirit.

Available in high quality WAV so that it works as a loop as well. Download immediately without having to register or sign up. Please credit when using. Click here for more uplifting background music.

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Free Ethnic Background Music – Voices Of The Tribes

“Free ethnic background music with tribal chant and vocals. Celebrative yet ritualistic. Free world background music for your projects.”

Download free background music now Free Ethnic Background Music – Voices Of The Tribes.

Available as high quality WAV for immediate downloads.

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