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Relaxed Acoustic Guitar Royalty Free Music Loop

Happy Valentine’s Day. Thanks for following our posts and for the great support for our music. Here is another free songs that is really versatile.

“Contemporary folk feel. Acoustic guitars playing a syncopated upbeat strumming rhythm will loosen you up, get you swaying to the rhythm and get your feet tapping.”

Download Under The Sun – Relaxed Acoustic Guitar Royalty Free Music Loop

This song starts upbeat with tambourines, maracas and other percussion to get your feet moving. Feel the sand beneath your toes and the sun beating down on your face with these peppy tunes. Has a relaxed feel yet can be interpreted as sensual. The song works nicely for corporate videos, travel documentaries or trailers that are looking for a laid back, relaxed happy tune.

Another cool and relaxing upbeat piece that that you can use for your personal projects. If you require a license or are using the music for profit, please contact us or search out similar great music pieces at our main section at just $2.99.

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Free Sentimental Sad Romantic Royalty Free Music

“Rhythmic slow to medium tempo reflective theme that is melancholic, moody yet romantic.”

Download Sadness Inside – Free Sentimental, Sad, Romantic Music

Melancholic, tender, feeling of sadness, self-absorbed and lost love. Sadness Inside is a melancholic, deep feeling theme that is rhythmic and versatile for social related videos, photo montage or to accompany any scene depicting sorrow, moodiness, lost love and more.

Download this music loop in high quality WAV that works great for continuous looping.

Sadness Inside is a free music loop from JewelBeat’s free music collection that can be use for personal projects completely free. If you require a license to prove you have rights to use music for your commercial projects, contact us or have a look at our huge selection here at the main section of our site:


Free Urban Background Music


“Rhythmic percussion contemporary urban piece with cool breathy super smooth female vocals. Cool electric piano accents.”

Download Easy Groove – Free Urban Background Music

As per the name of the track, Easy Groove has an easy cool urban groove feel. Modern and contemporary R&B vocals that hits rhythmically. Use this as a background music track to your Youtube videos, product info videos, homes videos, photo montage videos and more.

Easy Groove is a free track from our free collection that you can use for your personal projects completely free. If you profit from your projects, please try searching for similar tracks at

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Royalty Free Dance Music – Free Electronic Dance Music


“A progressive electronic dance piece with a catchy stereo pulse with a R&B vocal tone.”

Download Experiencing House Music – Free Royalty Free Dance Music

Think NYC dance club or Ibiza the epicenter of all club scenes. ‘Experiencing House Music’ is a mix of House, Dance music with raw R&B vocal licks. Smooth pulsating grooves meets raspy vocals and distorted backing female vocals. This electro dance piece gives a feel of movement and can easily be use in a shot for a night scene around town.

Use this track ‘Experiencing House Music’ in your personal videos or projects or send an inquiry to JewelBeat if you wish to purchase a license for your commercial project.

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Royalty Free House Music
Royalty Free Dance Tracks

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Free Upbeat Acoustic Guitar Background Music


“Fresh upbeat acoustic guitar piece that is super versatile for any project. Great for looping. A touch of country. Great acoustic guitar sounds. Makes you feel happy, hopeful, free.”

Download My Country Love – Free Upbeat Acoustic Guitar Background Music

What a great track this is. Feeling of freedom, that there are no boundaries. Great for roadtrip travel videos, family and fun videos. Upbeat and completely positive. Very versatile that it could work on any type of project, on any topic.

Use this free for your personal projects. Just credit with a link.

For projects that you monetize, do search up something similar from JewelBeat’s main collection of over 35,000 tracks.

Great keywords to search up would be acoustic, pop, rock, contemporary, positive, upbeat, uplifting, light, carefree.


Free Ethnic Middle Eastern Background Music


“Middle Eastern ethnic score with distinctively ethnic instrumentation. Background female vocal accents. Rhythmic and emotional.”

Download Overwhelmed Feelings- Free Ethnic Middle Eastern Background Music

‘Overwhelmed Feelings’ instantly transports you to the dusty dunes of the Middle East or an Oasis in the desert. A rhythmic plight that is emotional with feelings of forlorn. Capture the spirit of the Middle East in your projects with this track. Great for a travelogue, or for a showcase of your middle eastern dinner spread.

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Free Latin Street Party Background Music


“Cool latin street party vibe. Syncopated rhythmic beat and party vocals. Fun upbeat track overall.”

Download Musica – Free Background Music

Street party vibe. Whacky and not to be taken to seriously. Can imagine it as a background to a scene to get an audience relaxed and cheering towards an activity. Great syncopated repetitive rhythm that would get you moving.

Use this latin party background music track for free for your personal project or get a license by contacting JewelBeat. To use for free just credit us with a link in your website or Youtube description section with the following link: JewelBeat –

For those that need music for their commercial projects, here’s another great latin party track from our paid selection called Party People at $0.99 only.


Free R&B Funk Background Music

“R&B grooves with vocal inlays. Danceable and totally funky. Makes you want to get up, move and sway. A superb mesh of Dance, Funk and R&B. Has a totally cool vibe.”

Download Dancing To The Groove – Free R&B Funk Background Music

Use this is your videos, photo montage and more. Totally free for your personal non-profit projects. Appreciate if you could mention the source as or tweet about it so others can benefit from our music as well.

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Relaxing Upbeat Music For Youtube Videos


“Upbeat and uplifting yet relaxing in nature. Great for travel videos, corporate videos and more. Would seriously work great for your Youtube videos or photo slide montages.”

Download Peaceful Serenity – Relaxing Upbeat Music For Youtube Videos

Great music that is totally free to use for your personal projects. You just can’t beat that. Just add a link from your website or from your Youtube video description section with the following link if you are using it for your personal Youtube videos. That’s it. It would be great if you could also mention us on Facebook or Twitter.

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Here’s another great free upbeat music track : Beautiful Days – Upbeat Instrumental Music

Free Upbeat Instrumental Music – Beautiful Days

“Uplifting, bright and an all round positive instrumental music piece. Rhythmic guitar loops that can be looped continuously for extended play.”

Download Beautiful Days – Free Upbeat Instrumental Music

Use this instrumental piece for your non-commercial projects totally free. All you need to do is link to with a link like this: You can alternatively mention us on Facebook or Twitter.

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