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Video: Cookie Queen
Meditative Background Music

Video: Cookie Queen
Featuring the track: Window View
Album: Inspirational Pop Rock 3
Created by JewelBeat Royalty Free Background Music Library

‘Cookie Queen’ can be just about cookies … or even cooking. But a deeper look into ‘Cookie Queen’ will reveal it is more about the relationship and quality time spent with your love ones, especially your children.

Lovingly produced by the JewelBeat creative music staff, hope you’ve enjoyed this video as much as we’ve taken time to produce it. The background music used in this video is ‘Window View’, a sparse and relaxing, neutral contemporary pop piece featuring the piano and guitar.

JewelBeat’s background music can be use in your videos, including your YouTube videos, home videos, corporate videos, promotional videos and more. Only $2.99 per track of $9.99 for the whole album of all 10 tracks with all edits, totaling 70 tracks. Always royalty free and YouTube friendly.

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Video: Airborne Attack
Epic Trailers Background Music

Video: Airborne Attack
Featuring the track: Violent War
Album: Epic Adventures 3
Created by JewelBeat Royalty Free Music Library

Our first review in our ‘JewelBeat In Action!‘ series, Airborne Attack is a health community message about the deadly spread of germs and diseases pared with epic, action, intense trailer style background music. Feeling of chase as the deadly droplets spread. Share to pass on the awareness to avoid the spreading of unwanted diseases be it the common flu or other more deadly diseases.

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SteveCrouseFrom The Expert:
Steve Crouse
App Developer
Pineapple Media

Making games was always a passion of mine. Back in the day, a friend and I would spend days and nights creating whacky stuff with the RPG-Maker. It was basic, but it was fun. Now I’ve moved on to creating, publishing and selling games and apps professionally. Sure, the engines and tools I use now are a lot more advanced than the RPG-Maker, but there is one thing, that never changed: Music.

When you’re making an app – more specifically, a mobile game (non-entertainment apps usually tend to be rather on the silent side) it’s very important to think about music early on, because it just transfers so much to the user. Even in the first stages of the process, you’ll have a mood in your head and, along with that, music. The problem is, most of the times, you don’t know what the music sounds like – only what it feels like. And for those of us, who don’t have Hans Zimmer standing in front of a 100-man orchestra, it can be pretty difficult to find the right sound.

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