Free Tribal World Background Music – War Between Tribes

“Hypnotic, tribal, ethnic to the core. Ritualistic beats.
World background music for your projects.”

Free Downloads Free Tribal World Background Music – War Between Tribes

In search for world background music? Download this tribal inspired world music score that you can use as background music to your videos, photos, apps and more. Courtesy by Constant and rhythmic with ethic instruments and shaker. Add in your own tribal calls or use as is.

Download as high quality WAV immediately.

Yes this track is free. If tribal background music isn’t what you are looking for but free background music in general, JewelBeat has a good selection of free background music. Our main selection of close to 35,000 tracks is only $2.99 per track and even cheaper if you purchase a downloadable album.

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Free Upbeat Background Music – Reflecting Memories

“Rhythmic, feel good, upbeat background music that will loop to perfection.”

Download Free Upbeat Background Music Free – Reflecting Memories

Upbeat background music inspired by country music. Twangy guitars play in a rhythmic fashion. Carefree, bringing back memories of summer. Easy to use background music track that is royalty free and YouTube friendly. Free background music from

Available in high quality WAV that allows you to loop the music continuously. Great for YouTube videos, videos, presentation slides or photos, Apps and more.

You can use this track completely free. All you have to do is credit when using the music and link back to or with the following text : “Free Background Music By”.

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Setting Proper Camera Exposure

In a previous post I went over some of the differences between using auto exposure and using manual exposure. Knowing how your camera will react in manual mode vs. auto mode is important, but being able to set a proper exposure in manual mode can be tricky. There are many considerations when setting an exposure.

  • Every camera has limitations.
  • When bright parts of your video are overexposed it is referred to as being “blown out”
  • When dark objects in your video are underexposed it is referred to as being “crushed”.
  • Dynamic range is the difference between what will appear completely black and completely white in a video.
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Easy Going Organ Background Music

“Looking for an easy going track that is light and relaxing. This easy going organ background music track ‘Promise To Love’ would loop perfectly for you latest video.”

Download Promise To Love – Easy Going Background Music

Looking for more easy going tracks be it for your YouTube videos, corporate videos and more, check out a whole lot more music at ‘Easy Going 1 – Background Music Album‘. All background music tracks in this collection are only $2.99 per track with an immediate downloadable license to your name.

When using this free track ‘Promise To Love’ for your personal projects or your personal YouTube videos, please credit us with a simple link to For your profit based project, contact us directly or explore thousands of background music tracks in our library ready for immediate use at $2.99 per tracks with a lifetime license.


Know Your Camera – Part 3: Focus and Zoom

We’ve all been in the situation where we are waiting around for the auto mode to focus in on something. This is not only frustrating, it can be scary. If you’re getting paid to produce a video you can’t afford to have out of focus shots. Letting your camera autofocus is one solution, but knowing how to access manual focus controls is another.

Just pick a location zoom in to get your desired framing, hope the camera focuses on what you want and hit record.


  • In auto mode your camera will continually search for something to focus on.
  • Most camcorders and cameras have a manual focus feature. Most webcams and phones do not. Consult your operating manual or the web to find out if you do, then learn how to access that feature.
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Free Instrumental Music For Youtube Videos – Reflective Moods

“Versatile piece that is definitely on the melancholic side. Reflective, melancholic yet contemporary. Great for indie films, Youtube videos, documentaries etc.”

Download Without You – Free Instrumental Music For Youtube Videos

Mourn the passing of a loved one with this ominous ballad of pipes and strings. The song immediately brings a somber tone to mind, with eerie piano notes and vibrant tunes. The high-pitched song works well for death or funeral scenes, or even a creepy situation your characters walk into.

Versatile reflective piece you can use for your personal projects or only $2.99 for non personal projects. This will give you a license to your name so you can prove you have the rights to use the music legally. Check out our music selection.

Relaxed Acoustic Guitar Royalty Free Music Loop

Happy Valentine’s Day. Thanks for following our posts and for the great support for our music. Here is another free songs that is really versatile.

“Contemporary folk feel. Acoustic guitars playing a syncopated upbeat strumming rhythm will loosen you up, get you swaying to the rhythm and get your feet tapping.”

Download Under The Sun – Relaxed Acoustic Guitar Royalty Free Music Loop

This song starts upbeat with tambourines, maracas and other percussion to get your feet moving. Feel the sand beneath your toes and the sun beating down on your face with these peppy tunes. Has a relaxed feel yet can be interpreted as sensual. The song works nicely for corporate videos, travel documentaries or trailers that are looking for a laid back, relaxed happy tune.

Another cool and relaxing upbeat piece that that you can use for your personal projects. If you require a license or are using the music for profit, please contact us or search out similar great music pieces at our main section at just $2.99.

Search our more of our free music.


Know Your Camera- Part 2: Gain/ISO-Aperture-Exposure

Gain, aperture and exposure are the three elements that together determine how bright or dark your picture will be. In addition to brightness, these three elements affect image quality, depth of field, and smoothness. Once you’ve recorded your video, you can make minor adjustments in post, but getting it right the first time produces the best results. In general there are some basic rules to follow.

  • Gain should be kept low
  • Aperture should be set to achieve the desired focus range
  • Exposure should be kept at around 1/50 of a second
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Free Sentimental Sad Romantic Royalty Free Music

“Rhythmic slow to medium tempo reflective theme that is melancholic, moody yet romantic.”

Download Sadness Inside – Free Sentimental, Sad, Romantic Music

Melancholic, tender, feeling of sadness, self-absorbed and lost love. Sadness Inside is a melancholic, deep feeling theme that is rhythmic and versatile for social related videos, photo montage or to accompany any scene depicting sorrow, moodiness, lost love and more.

Download this music loop in high quality WAV that works great for continuous looping.

Sadness Inside is a free music loop from JewelBeat’s free music collection that can be use for personal projects completely free. If you require a license to prove you have rights to use music for your commercial projects, contact us or have a look at our huge selection here at the main section of our site:



Know Your Camera
Part 1: Auto and Manual Settings

Shooting video is easy, just point and shoot, right? But cameras are jam packed with features that are there for one reason, making your pictures and videos better. There’s nothing wrong with auto mode, in fact in a lot of situations it works. But hidden deep inside most cameras are manual settings that can help take your videos to the next level. This 5 part series Manual Settings will go over the basics, but first:

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