Vine: The New Six Second Twitter Vlog

JO —  May 23, 2013

If you haven’t heard by now, Vine, Twitter’s latest acquisition is a new way to share with followers and friends. It offers a totally new twist on video. With the new app for iPhones, six second videos are shared like tweets, and although the videos can’t be edited, recording can be paused and restarted. The app works with both video and stills, and unlike Cinemagram audio is included. Vine is an interesting platform for expression and although it won’t put YouTube or Vimeo out of business I think it will serve a function.

Here’s what I like about it.

  • It’s neat. At first I was skeptical about the six second limit, but now I am convinced it has real value.
  • It’s creative. Yeah there are plenty of boring six seconds videos, but it also challenges us to be precise and thoroughly plan what we want to communicate to our audience, and how we want to do it.
  • A lot can happen in six seconds. Anyone who has edited videos knows that. At 24p, six seconds equals about 144 individual frames. Even if the frame rate is slightly lower there is still a lot of possibility.
  • Unedited video. I think this is the fun part. While you can pause recording, the Vine app does not allow for uploading videos edited in other programs. This may change in the future, but I hope not. I like the idea of cinema vérité in a six second clip. Don’t worry, you can play your royalty free music on a boombox in the background and have it in your video.
  • It’s so cool I might buy an iPhone.
  • Even if videos are deathly boring they only last six seconds!

Here’s one of my favorite videos so far.

Vine will definitely not replace YouTube and Vimeo anytime soon. It doesn’t even compete, but the way I see it Vine is the perfect video sharing app for tablets and phones. It’s short and concise, just like the texts I send to my wife. Anyone looking to create an online presence should take full advantage of this. I’m already seeing some stars emerge from Vine, and I think more are coming. I recommend Vine to any social media user. Don’t worry if you are not financially gifted, in order to compete Vine will definitely have to come out with apps for non-Apple devices soon. Until then I’ll be waiting.

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