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Who's JewelBeat?

JewelBeat was founded by musicians passionate about bringing high quality production music at a sensible price to people like you.
Our music can be use royalty free when mixed with different forms of media including video, web, television, radio, film, games, apps, DVD/CDs and more.
Our users include creative individuals, businesses, educators, students, developers, retailers, profit and non-profit organizations, religious groups and more.
We highly recommend that you check out our videos to find out more about us.

What Motivates Us?
You motivate us!
Do drop us a line to tell us how you have used JewelBeat's music in your projects.
We would love to hear from you.
Please also share with others about JewelBeat.
We value this greatly as it helps us to continue producing more quality music that is affordable for everyone.

3 Reasons That Makes JewelBeat Outstanding:
1. A Whole Lot Of Music
If you need music for your projects and can't get enough of it, JewelBeat may just have what you need.
With over 35,000 tracks and a wide music variety, we hope you will find the perfect track for your project.

2. The Only $2.99 Music Source
We are the only $2.99 royalty free music resource that comes with a custom license to your name and project.

3. True Royalty Free Music
Our music is truly royalty free worldwide with no additional fees.
No performance rights fees, synchronization fees, or fees you never knew you had to pay :)

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