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Create dynamic, professional presentations, product demos, corporate videos and infomercials with motivational, uplifting, positive royalty free corporate background music.”

The art of communicating business culture to clients and employees is often a tricky process. However, spicing up your music to invoke a certain emotion from people is a big step in the right direction.

Here is a list of motivational, upbeat music tracks that are perfect for creating dynamic, professional presentations, product demos, corporate videos and infomercials. Explore the power of music by using these tracks during seminars, award ceremonies, team building events and for company on hold music.

Can Do Spirit

This rich ballad of lightly tapping piano keys, motivational percussion and upbeat strings would fit nicely into any corporate event seeking an engaging, inspirational message. Team building events, seminars and award ceremonies can represent something more than just business, but rather a yearning for achievement.

Inspiring World

Sometimes you need to slow down in order to communicate the intricacies of how you do business. Create the perfect product demo or infomercial with the melodies of light, airy piano, bells and strings, signifying a contemporary, engaging look at achievement and professional inspiration.

Success As One

The engaging, strong guitars and drums in this piece can raise hairs on the back of your neck. Implement this modern track for a driven look at a new product or a motivational version of team building events, advertising or corporate videos.

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A playlist selection of sad royalty free instrumental music featuring melancholia, tragedy and heartbreak. Only $0.99 for your projects.

Sadness and tragedy are often two things that take your viewers on a ride of emotions. Resolution is nothing without conflict, and these tracks build a beautiful, yet tumultuous scene of heartbreak, emotion and melancholy for your viewers. Funeral scenes, soldiers falling in battle and lovers torn apart could be communicated with these tracks of loss, sadness and grief.

My Deadly Romance

A tragic, dramatic look into the world of emotion, with striking chimes, bells and piano notes, leading into a gripping ballad of horns and strings. Perfect for use in a sad, yet powerful scene in your movie, video game or trailer.

We Will Stand

It starts with the somber plucking of strings, followed by a tragic and heart wrenching orchestra. A goodbye never felt so real, as a lost love seeps through with sounds of hopelessness. Use this Hollywood style soundtrack to score a tragic ending, where hope still looms.

Tragic Romance

A simple look into a reflective situation. The graceful piano and melancholic strings ring through for an emotional track, suitable for a tragic scene such as a funeral or death. It could be used in a sad trailer or a sorrowful scene.

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Best playlist of thriller, mystery and suspense background music for your videos.

A thriller needs something to bring the audience into the movie, and feel as if they are experiencing the danger and suspense for themselves. Crimes, murders, mysteries and chase scenes step up to the next level of invigoration when complemented with a well-placed suspense track. Checkout the following tunes to bring your video the thrills it requires.

Panic Running

This lives up to its name, simulating a panicked running, with a series of twists and turns. A sense of thrill and horror lurks behind as a pursuer closes in. The track would work well in any scene similar to a Jason Bourne chase scene.

City Crime

This offers a mild intensity, thrilling tempo, with alluring bass notes, creating a feeling of mystery and tension. Use his track in a mystery trailer or a scene with gunmen sneaking around behind enemy lines.

Invading Creature

An interesting ballad of horror sounds, completed with the use of pounding drums, strings and horns. Intense thrillers and horror movies would benefit from this tune. Imagine a scene where unknown creatures or aliens appear and put humans in awe.

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Epic trailer soundtracks for your videos that are dramatic and intense.” 

Pump up your viewers with these epic, heart pounding trailer-styled background music tracks. One way to get a movie goer or gamer amped up is with stunning visuals, but coupled with the perfectly placed dramatic background music score, you are sure to keep the tension at a maximum and have them gripping their seat.

Eye For An Eye

An edgy look into what guitars can do for your next video. Hurrying straight into harmonious electric guitar, this rocks into an epic soundtrack accompanied by tantalizing tones, both complex and dramatic. Opening or ending credits would stand out strong with this track or a well-placed military style scene would be favoured with the thematic action created from the pumping guitars and dramatic strings.

Trouble Times

A soft melody of dramatic tones starts building tension immediately, leading up to multiple crashes of pulsating percussion and plucking strings. The rhythmic beats build up to a complex orchestral sequence. The drama builds throughout, making it perfect for a sequence involving a chase or a game of cat and mouse. Background music to a spy or espionage trailers perhaps?

Flight of Joy

The journey of a grand hero is represented perfectly in this track. Picture the end of Saving Private Ryan or Will Hunting meticulously solving impossible math problems on the chalkboard. A journey of positivity and hope, starting with pulsating drums then accompanied by melodious strings and piping flutes and horns. Embarking on a grand adventure feels true for a showreel, triumphant trailer or any full-length film about a tasking journey ahead.

The End Is Near

Think middle earth, following the camera into the depths of Mordor. Tension builds throughout, with an orchestral choir of deep male voices creating a sinister feel of tension and drama. Great for a fantasy or science fiction movie or short or even a trailer style commercial. An epic array of majestic voices, percussion and horns would also fit nicely in any video game sequence.

Epic Journey

Prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime with this grand orchestral track, lead by pounding drums and topped off by a band of victorious strings, simulating a spirited march into battle. A vision of battle preparation comes to mind, with men painting their faces and packing their bags with food, supplies and weaponry. These sounds of anticipation would fit well in trailers or a movie soundtrack.

Time Running Out

There is no waiting for action here, as you are forced into a dramatic scene full of action and suspense. Majestic vocals chime in later, raising the hairs on your spine. The cries of battle are apparent, as this track would fit nicely into a spinning battle preparation sequence. This background music piece would work perfectly in a military style action scene, trailer or in a full-length feature soundtrack.

Flights of Fantasy

Chimes begin a journey into a magical world of question and wonder. Followed by a majestic build-up of euphoric strings and horns, this track would fit perfectly in a fantasy video game or movie. A light-hearted, yet triumphant look into an epic journey about to begin. It feels like Fantasia meets Jurassic Park.