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Adding Narration To Your Videos

One of the easiest ways to improve a video is to add music (royalty free music if possible), but after you have chosen your soundtrack a simple narration can take your video to the next level. Here’s how to record, and add an epic and compelling narration to your video.

Here are some tools that might help:

  • A stand-alone audio recorder is a great tool in the filmmaker’s arsenal.
    There are many varieties to choose from and prices vary.
  • A lav mic is another great tool.
    These can be plugged directly into a camera with an audio input or plugged directly into a computer.
  • A good quality gaming headset with microphone can often record quality audio.
  • Most editing programs are able to record audio directly to the timeline, or you can choose a standalone application.

Choosing a system that works for you takes a little time so have patience, your videos will thank you. Now that you’ve shot your footage, edited together a nice sequence and added some royalty free music, it’s time to record your epic Morgan Freeman style narration!

  • Microphone positioning is key.
    Place the microphone as close to the narrator as possible to record the best sounding audio, and do not touch the mic while recording.
  • Make sure your audio levels are correct.
    To do this avoid the red and make sure the audio levels stay in the green zone.
  • Find a quiet place.
    Before you begin record a minute of background, and listen with headphones to make sure there aren’t any problems. If necessary shut off your A/C unit or unplug your refrigerator for the duration of the recording.
  • Try to keep an even voice.
    Don’t whisper or get too excited and loud.
  • Record plenty of narration.
    If you choose you can write a script that is timed, but you can also cut and splice your audio clips just like your video.
  • Enhance with audio techniques.
    To make the audio even better put a fade transition in between audio clips.
  • Experiment with audio effects.
    Before you splice the audio file, experiment with adding equalizer, compressor or other audio effects that are available.
  • Introductions for interviews
    If interviewing someone else for the video, ask them to state their name and occupation. For example many videos start off with something like this. “My name is… (fill in the blank). I… (whatever they are doing in the video).” Get creative!
  • Import audio
    Now simply import the audio file into your editing program.
  • Work with multi-tracks.
    You should have two to three tracks of audio; one for the video clips, one for the music and one for the narration. Adjust the track levels accordingly.

People expect talking in a video.
Recording a simple narration is easy and gives your audience what they want.
Before you know it, you’ll have Morgan Freeman asking to be part of your next project!

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