Don’t Forget to Frame Your Subject

The video is a classic study on framing and scene composition.

Philip Bloom does some very cool, very detailed gear reviews. I’ve been a fan since his Christmas Showdown Special a few years ago. Besides from doing great gear reviews and having an awesome accent, he produces a lot of neat videos. While I was writing about framing and scene composition for our Video Production Tip and Tutorial segment, I kept thinking about a music video he made for a band called Olly Knights, entitled “Bitten By The Frost.”

Bitten By The Frost from Philip Bloom

The video is a classic study on framing and scene composition. If you notice one thing it’s that he frames his subject exactly the same in every scene. You might think this is rather unimaginative. It may not be your cup of tea, but I love this video, especially for its educational ability. If you watch this video once you’ll remember to be aware of how you frame your subject. Bloom doesn’t cut from a medium shot to a close up. There are no wide shots or establishing shots, so the music video feels a little disconnected. But I think that is what the song is actually about.

And while his subject might be framed exactly the same way in every shot, the composition in the shots is always changing. Without establishing shots, this leads to a slightly disenfranchised feeling that some might consider overwhelming. But if the intended meaning of the song is what I think it is, then Bloom has succeeded in conveying that same meaning through pictures.


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