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JO —  May 13, 2013

It’s been years since I bought my first webcam, plugged it in, and was able to remotely monitor the activities of Mr. Felix Whiskers, my black and white tuxedo cat. Back then technology was relatively simple. Today there’s Google Hangouts, which in addition to offering multi person web chatting, offers the ability to stream live, multi-camera broadcasts worldwide. Think of it as another way to communicate with you subs.

Googleplushangouts1There are a lot of advantages to Google Hangouts. Broadcasts are streamed live on YouTube and also automatically recorded and uploaded. This is a great way to build your subscriber base if you are working on becoming a YouTube Partner. Google Hangouts offers manual control over camera switching, but this can also be done automatically. The list goes on and on. There will always be some technological and human challenges involved in live broadcast, but the technology offers an incredible opportunity to promote, connect and deliver.

Here are some considerations offered by Frasier Crane, Google Hangout expert.

  • Use a quality webcam.
  • Use your fastest computer.
  • Always use a wired internet connection.
  • To reduce echo headphones must be worn at all times. Try using one in ear headphone and tuck the wire through your jacket for discreetness.
  • Start you Hangout early to make sure all your participants are ready. Broadcasts won’t start until you want them to.
  • Have all participants mute their mics unless they are talking. This will minimize annoying background noises such as keypad typing, etc.
  • Use a quality mic.
  • Always make sure you have full license of anything you broadcast.

Here are a few more things to consider.
Consider choosing a few royalty free music tracks from JewelBeat to play before your broadcast begins and during any breaks. Try doing a few practice “hangouts” with your friends and colleagues before you broadcast. The possibilities Google Hangouts bring to the table are really incredible. So make sure you sign up to receive weekly emails, you may be invited to a Hangout soon! And let us know of any hangout that you’re planning to use JewelBeat royalty free music in. We’ll be sure to tune in!

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