How to Revert Back to Your Username on YouTube

JO —  June 17, 2013

There’s good news and bad news. If you’ve happened to change your name on YouTube, you can revert back to your old name pretty easily. And if you’ve recently joined YouTube you can also choose a new channel name, rather than using your real name. Just use the link below and follow the directions. For me choosing a YouTube channel name is pure magic; it’s like having my very own TV channel, only better.

Changes are always happening over at Google, and YouTube, a subsidiary of Google is no different. You may find these changes cumbersome and annoying. You may also have a pretty common name, and the thought of no longer using your channel name may be alarming. (After all using something more unique than “John Smith” or even Joe Campbell may make it easier for people to find you.) You might even be a professional and want to use your business name. These are all good reasons to choose a unique name.

Now the bad news. We all know YouTube provides a fantastic service. There really isn’t any bad news. But remember, YouTube is a privilege not a right, (at least until we start paying for it). Just watch out for those changes…



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