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Steve Crouse
App Developer
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Making games was always a passion of mine. Back in the day, a friend and I would spend days and nights creating whacky stuff with the RPG-Maker. It was basic, but it was fun. Now I’ve moved on to creating, publishing and selling games and apps professionally. Sure, the engines and tools I use now are a lot more advanced than the RPG-Maker, but there is one thing, that never changed: Music.

When you’re making an app – more specifically, a mobile game (non-entertainment apps usually tend to be rather on the silent side) it’s very important to think about music early on, because it just transfers so much to the user. Even in the first stages of the process, you’ll have a mood in your head and, along with that, music. The problem is, most of the times, you don’t know what the music sounds like – only what it feels like. And for those of us, who don’t have Hans Zimmer standing in front of a 100-man orchestra, it can be pretty difficult to find the right sound.

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“A feel-good, easy listening music loop that is rhythmic that could work for so many things.”

Download Easy Days – Free Easy Listening Background Music

Contemporary rhythmic with electric guitar lead. A chugging positive feel that is upbeat and fun.  As the video suggests, it could be use in baby or kids videos, photo slideshows and more. Could also work well for lifestyle and corporate videos.

Download ‘Easy Days’ to use in your non-commercial projects for free. If you are looking for more easy listening background music that are royalty free for any thing including profit based projects, do check out one of our popular collections with great easy listening tunes. As always, only $0.99 per track with a license agreement to your name.

Here’s another favorite easy listening track that is also free – Beautiful Days.

Find more free background music.

From The Expert

We will be launching a ‘From The Expert’ column that will feature great insight, advice and tip from veterans in their industry. They will be sharing with us their experiences so do look out for these posts.

There’s good news and bad news. If you’ve happened to change your name on YouTube, you can revert back to your old name pretty easily. And if you’ve recently joined YouTube you can also choose a new channel name, rather than using your real name. Just use the link below and follow the directions. For me choosing a YouTube channel name is pure magic; it’s like having my very own TV channel, only better.

Changes are always happening over at Google, and YouTube, a subsidiary of Google is no different. You may find these changes cumbersome and annoying.

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Don’t Forget to Frame Your Subject

The video is a classic study on framing and scene composition.

Philip Bloom does some very cool, very detailed gear reviews. I’ve been a fan since his Christmas Showdown Special a few years ago. Besides from doing great gear reviews and having an awesome accent, he produces a lot of neat videos. While I was writing about framing and scene composition, I kept thinking about a music video he made for a band called Olly Knights, entitled “Bitten By The Frost.”

Bitten By The Frost from Philip Bloom

The video is a classic study on framing and scene composition…

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Create dynamic, professional presentations, product demos, corporate videos and infomercials with motivational, uplifting, positive royalty free corporate background music.”

The art of communicating business culture to clients and employees is often a tricky process. However, spicing up your music to invoke a certain emotion from people is a big step in the right direction.

Here is a list of motivational, upbeat music tracks that are perfect for creating dynamic, professional presentations, product demos, corporate videos and infomercials. Explore the power of music by using these tracks during seminars, award ceremonies, team building events and for company on hold music.

Can Do Spirit

This rich ballad of lightly tapping piano keys, motivational percussion and upbeat strings would fit nicely into any corporate event seeking an engaging, inspirational message. Team building events, seminars and award ceremonies can represent something more than just business, but rather a yearning for achievement.

Inspiring World

Sometimes you need to slow down in order to communicate the intricacies of how you do business. Create the perfect product demo or infomercial with the melodies of light, airy piano, bells and strings, signifying a contemporary, engaging look at achievement and professional inspiration.

Success As One

The engaging, strong guitars and drums in this piece can raise hairs on the back of your neck. Implement this modern track for a driven look at a new product or a motivational version of team building events, advertising or corporate videos.

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There are a lot of great resources for video makers out there on the web. Over the years I’ve subscribed to many blogs and YouTube channels. Here’s a list of some of my favorites.

Philip Bloom

I love this guy. He has a marvelous accent and his short films are definitely worth watching, especially because he usually follows them up with a behind the scenes. He also does gear reviews. If his videos aren’t enough he gives workshops in many locations.


I subscribed to these guys recently. They have a ton of stuff on their website including tutorials and news about film projects and gear. If you are interested in DSLR cinematography definitely check them out. They offer a free 114 page guide.

Dave Dugdale

This guy is all about DSLRs. In addition to nice gear reviews he offers in depth DSLR tutorials. Although he charges for some tutorials his thoroughness and almost scientific precision is a value for the price.

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Free Royalty Free Dance Music – Dance All Night

“Loopable electronic dance music with repetitive synthesizer riff.”

Download Dance All Night – Free Royalty Free Dance Music

Use this dance music loop that is completely royalty free for your non-commercial projects. Could work in a demo, party or any personal projects. Appreciate if you credit us when using the music to or mention us on Facebook or Tweet.

If you are looking to use it for your profit based projects, our music selection is only $0.99 per track.

Also find more free royalty free music tracks from various music genres.

If you haven’t heard by now, Vine, Twitter’s latest acquisition is a new way to share with followers and friends. It offers a totally new twist on video. With the new app for iPhones, six second videos are shared like tweets, and although the videos can’t be edited, recording can be paused and restarted. The app works with both video and stills, and unlike Cinemagram audio is included. Vine is an interesting platform for expression and although it won’t put YouTube or Vimeo out of business I think it will serve a function.

Here’s what I like about it.

  • It’s neat. At first I was skeptical about the six second limit, but now I am convinced it has real value.
  • It’s creative. Yeah there are plenty of boring six seconds videos, but it also challenges us to be precise and thoroughly plan what we want to communicate to our audience, and how we want to do it.
  • A lot can happen in six seconds. Anyone who has edited videos knows that. At 24p, six seconds equals about 144 individual frames. Even if the frame rate is slightly lower there is still a lot of possibility.
  • Unedited video. I think this is the fun part. While you can pause recording, the Vine app does not allow for uploading videos edited in other programs. This may change in the future, but I hope not. I like the idea of cinema vérité in a six second clip. Don’t worry, you can play your royalty free music on a boombox in the background and have it in your video.
  • It’s so cool I might buy an iPhone.
  • Even if videos are deathly boring they only last six seconds!
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A playlist selection of sad royalty free instrumental music featuring melancholia, tragedy and heartbreak. Only $0.99 for your projects.

Sadness and tragedy are often two things that take your viewers on a ride of emotions. Resolution is nothing without conflict, and these tracks build a beautiful, yet tumultuous scene of heartbreak, emotion and melancholy for your viewers. Funeral scenes, soldiers falling in battle and lovers torn apart could be communicated with these tracks of loss, sadness and grief.

My Deadly Romance

A tragic, dramatic look into the world of emotion, with striking chimes, bells and piano notes, leading into a gripping ballad of horns and strings. Perfect for use in a sad, yet powerful scene in your movie, video game or trailer.

We Will Stand

It starts with the somber plucking of strings, followed by a tragic and heart wrenching orchestra. A goodbye never felt so real, as a lost love seeps through with sounds of hopelessness. Use this Hollywood style soundtrack to score a tragic ending, where hope still looms.

Tragic Romance

A simple look into a reflective situation. The graceful piano and melancholic strings ring through for an emotional track, suitable for a tragic scene such as a funeral or death. It could be used in a sad trailer or a sorrowful scene.

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