Recommended Websites For Video Tutorials and More.

JO —  June 4, 2013

There are a lot of great resources for video makers out there on the web. Over the years I’ve subscribed to many blogs and YouTube channels. Here’s a list of some of my favorites.

Philip Bloom

I love this guy. He has a marvelous accent and his short films are definitely worth watching, especially because he usually follows them up with a behind the scenes. He also does gear reviews. If his videos aren’t enough he gives workshops in many locations.


I subscribed to these guys recently. They have a ton of stuff on their website including tutorials and news about film projects and gear. If you are interested in DSLR cinematography definitely check them out. They offer a free 114 page guide.

Dave Dugdale

This guy is all about DSLRs. In addition to nice gear reviews he offers in depth DSLR tutorials. Although he charges for some tutorials his thoroughness and almost scientific precision is a value for the price.


This guy is right up my alley. Although I would rather be editing or shooting a film instead of making DIY gear, he also provides a lot of useful tips you can take out into the field every day. One thing I love about this guy is his quantity. It seems like he always has a new video.


You may not be into riding a Big Wheel down a steep road while weaving through traffic. You may not be into jumping off a four hundred foot cliff on a rope swing, but if you ask me these guys are what YouTube is all about. In addition to well made videos about extreme sports these guys do detailed behind the scenes videos where many aspects of their productions are discussed. Topics include remote manned quadrocopters capable of carrying a four pound camera and more.

Temporal Paradox

The name says it all. This guy is an Aussie with moxy. Most of his tutorials are about editing with Sony Vegas, but he tackles other great subjects as well including computer builds and other software tutorials. Like Philip Bloom this guy has an awesome accent. For anyone looking to upgrade from basic video editing software to something with more features I recommend this site.


With his shows about video games and other tacky subjects he may be the scourge of artistic types who only use YouTube if they can’t find what they’re looking for on Vimeo, but he and his cohorts really know there stuff. Watch the tutorials first and then watch the show to see the finished product.


This guy is cool. He does a lot of very technical and in my opinion crazy stuff. If you are interested in hacking a GH2 or using anamorphic adapters on anything this is the place to go.


This girl is a gem. She hails from Sweden or some other European country and offers a wealth information on her multiple YouTube channels. Visit her YouTube channel here and type your topic in the search box. Odd are you’ll find something to help.

These are just a few of the many options available out there.
Do you have a favorite tutorial website?
Leave a comment and let me know.



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