Sad Royalty Free Instrumental Music

Shirley Lewis —  May 22, 2013

A playlist selection of sad royalty free instrumental music featuring melancholia, tragedy and heartbreak. Only $0.99 for your projects.

Sadness and tragedy are often two things that take your viewers on a ride of emotions. Resolution is nothing without conflict, and these tracks build a beautiful, yet tumultuous scene of heartbreak, emotion and melancholy for your viewers. Funeral scenes, soldiers falling in battle and lovers torn apart could be communicated with these tracks of loss, sadness and grief.

My Deadly Romance

A tragic, dramatic look into the world of emotion, with striking chimes, bells and piano notes, leading into a gripping ballad of horns and strings. Perfect for use in a sad, yet powerful scene in your movie, video game or trailer.

We Will Stand

It starts with the somber plucking of strings, followed by a tragic and heart wrenching orchestra. A goodbye never felt so real, as a lost love seeps through with sounds of hopelessness. Use this Hollywood style soundtrack to score a tragic ending, where hope still looms.

Tragic Romance

A simple look into a reflective situation. The graceful piano and melancholic strings ring through for an emotional track, suitable for a tragic scene such as a funeral or death. It could be used in a sad trailer or a sorrowful scene.

Never To Return Again 

From the start you will be swept into a mysterious, yet majestic world represented by slow, orchestral piano and strings. The tragic drama or loss of love ripens through a powerful choir of sad voices.

Waiting Room 

A powerful buildup to a catastrophic moment, starting with emotional piano notes, followed by sad, flowing strings. You might see this in a scene where a family waits on a loved one in the hospital or a slow motion shot of someone falling in battle.

No End In Sight

This track picks up quickly with a pounding piano, followed by an emotional array of horns. Your audience will be afraid to blink as they know the moment of anticipation draws near. Something hasn’t been revealed yet and the mystery is coming soon after the tension builds to a climax.

Lowest Moment

A slow look at what the violin and chimes can do to the heart. This sad, sorrowful melody communicates an emotional portrayal of loneliness and grief. You might picture a female gazing out the window, waiting for her warrior to come home safe. This could also be used for a tragic experience such as a funeral or death scene.

Time of Grief

Perfect for a funeral scene or a creepy horror flick. This royalty free instrumental solemn organ piece offers a feeling of sadness, grief and hopelessness. You will envision straight faced people dressed in black, processing down a rainy street leading to the final resting place. This track could also be used for a tumultuous game ending.

Tears and Pain

Plucking at your heart with the slow, simple notes of a piano and strings. The plucking strings mimic tears dropping into a puddle of hopelessness and emotion. The song transcends into brief moments of hope, but the primary message of sadness and tears works for a scene showing a person with nothing left in their life.

Salute To the Fallen

A military style piece, starting with a rolling snare drum and somber trumpets. The string section plays a sad, yet proud song. You can picture a group of soldiers carrying a fallen brother through a battle field, or military families following a sad funeral procession.

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