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What is JewelBeat?
JewelBeat offers a huge selection of quality music for your projects at an unbeatable price of $0.99 per track.
Here are some cool points about JewelBeat:

1) Just $2.99 music for your projects. All royalty free.
     No subscriptions, credit or bulk purchases. Just $2.99 each track.
2) Over 35,000 tracks and growing.
3) Use JewelBeat music for commercial and non-commercial projects. Great for videos, film, broadcast, web, business, games, retail, education and more.
4) Every purchase comes with a license to your name.
5) True royalty free worldwide.*
6) PRO-free.*
7) Lifetime license that does not expire.
8) Thousands of free music and sound effects are also available.

* Music from the JewelBeat library is not signed or registered with any Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) that collect royalties of behalf of their registered members like ASCAP, BMI and other worldwide PROs etc. PRO-free music is pretty rare (even with most royalty free music libraries!) and we think it's a pretty big deal. Not all royalty free music are true royalty free if the composers are signed with PROs. They may be partially royalty free for certain usages or in certain countries only. JewelBeat music is PRO-free and 100% royalty free.

Get To Know Us Better ...
So how good is our music? The quality of our music is no reflection of our price. That we can say for sure.
Must be a catch somewhere. No catch. We promise.
Where can the music be use?
More questions?
Watch some of our videos to get to know us better.

For press related inquiries send us an email atĀ support@jewelbeat.com.
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