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Standard License $0.99 $19 $99 $399 $999
Extended License $49 $199 n/a n/a n/a
Extended License (if paid monthly) n/a n/a $9 $39 $99
Extended License (if paid yearly) n/a n/a $99 $399 $999
Final Downloads WAV, MP3 WAV, MP3, ZIP WAV, MP3, ZIP WAV, MP3, ZIP Unlimited downloads
Music For Everything
Music for all your projects
What kinds of usages?
JewelBeat Music Selection
Music Selection
What kinds of music?

What's so great about JewelBeat?

Price that makes sense.
At 99 cents and a whole lot of music to choose from, JewelBeat makes perfect financial sense. No need for a calculator to tell you this is the best value anywhere for great quality music.
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No additional fees. Ever.
No performing rights fees, mechanical licenses, cue sheets, ASCAP or BMI. Don't know what any of these mean? You don't have to. With JewelBeat music, it's just one license and that's that. Period.
Your name on the license.
Get a custom license agreement with every purchase. Your license agreement clearly states what you can do with your music. Get peace of mind so you can focus on making your project great.
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Save time. Download now.
Need your music in a hurry? Download your music right away. No need to wait for even your physical products to arrive in the mail. Make your deadline and sound good.
Music that's perfect for your project.
Or just about any project you can think of. Use JewelBeat for advertising, education, games, videos, photos, YouTube, retail stores and more.
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Hear exactly what you're getting.
Preview every track in the JewelBeat Library in its entirety. Check out samples of actual high-quality purchased tracks. Even download demos and drop them into your project just to see how they sound. Purchase with peace of mind.
Over 35,000 tracks.
With this much of music and more added all the time, you now have a wealth of music to use for your projects that are completely royalty free and legal. Drop us a note if you can’t find something you need and we could possibly help.
Over 1,000 FREE downloads.
Download hundreds of free music loops and sound effects. OR download over a thousand with just a 99¢ purchase!