Verica Gavrilovic

My name is Verica Gavrilovic, and I work as a Content Editor at I've been involved in marketing for over 3 years, and I genuinely enjoy my job. With a diploma in gastronomy, I have a diverse range of interests, including makeup, photography, choir singing, and of course, savoring a good cup of coffee. Whether I'm at my computer or enjoying a coffee break, I often find myself immersed in these hobbies. In addition to these, I also love traveling, engaging in long conversations, going shopping, and listening to music.

Sustainable Waste Management Practices in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant community, and strong commitment to environmental sustainability. As the city grows, maintaining its ecological integrity becomes increasingly essential. One critical aspect of this endeavor is implementing sustainable waste management practices. These practices help reduce the environmental impact and foster a sense …

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From Fabric to Fashion: Mastering Sewing with Beginner-Friendly Patterns

Whether imagining chic dresses, cozy knits, or playful plushies, sewing patterns empower anyone to stitch stunning creations matching personalized visions through guided DIY making. With customizable design blueprints, cut layouts, and foolproof directions, patterns unlock rewarding creativity, converting crafting dreams into professional-looking finished pieces using fundamentally straightforward skills practicable for …

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How To Save A Car Headliner That Is Coming Down?

The lining that has come off in a car is most often caused by the breakdown of the adhesive that holds the fabric to the roof. This usually happens due to excessive heat or humidity. Of course, due to longer exposure to the mentioned conditions. Tidying up the lining that …

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Embrace Your Inner Cowgirl With These 9 Stagecoach-Inspired Makeup Looks

Yeehaw, makeup mavens and country crooners alike! Get ready to wrangle up some serious cowgirl chic as we dive into the world of Stagecoach-inspired makeup looks. From radiant sunsets to sparkling rodeo nights, we’re here to show you how to unleash your inner country diva with a dash of glamor …

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9 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Office for Spring

Welcome to the season of renewal! As the world outside begins to bloom with new life, it’s the perfect time to breathe fresh energy into your workspace. Your office is more than just a place to work — it’s a reflection of your creativity, productivity, and personal style. With a …

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