Phantasy Star Online 2 fixes bugs and addresses fresh issues with Microsoft store

In the wake of the 2.0 update to Phantasy Star Online 2, the game landed on the Microsoft Store just three days ago. This is a fast turnaround by the Square Enix team, as the patch was only released in Japan on the same day the Xbox One version was released. The update adds a large number of enhancements and bug fixes, and also addresses some of the performance issues with the game.

With the release of version 2, PSO2 is now available in the Windows Store, which is a great development for the game. However, the game is still in a state of development and some issues with the store are still outstanding. Here’s a list of the issues we’re aware of:

According to the official site, the game has been updated to version 2.00.08 and addresses issues with the Microsoft Store and Steam. According to the changelog, the following issues have been fixed: Choose “Exit Game” in the pause menu. Nag screen removed from the game window. When replying to dialog options, you can no longer click on the name of a character to scroll them off screen. You can no longer select the “Attempt to Quit” option in the Options menu when the game is minimized. When placing a character in a Pod, selecting “Tether” as the Pod type will now work properly. The “Goto Menu” button will now work properly when using the Arrow

Today is the patch day for Phantasy Star Online 2 : New Genesis, although the update is primarily intended to fix bugs, rather than add content. SEGA claims to have fixed numerous issues with boosters, interface mapping of currencies, and an issue that caused people to literally fall over the world when trying to join an urgent quest. Oh, my God. The company also has many benefits for seniority.

Due to scheduled maintenance, the use of the Premium Facility, Extended Warehouse 1~6, Material Warehouse, Personal Store and Personal Quarters in PSO2, the extended maximum order limit and bonus keys will be extended by 6 hours. For items purchased before the end of scheduled maintenance on June 23, 2024 (Wed), the expiration date will be extended by six hours (hr) from the expiration date.

As expected, SEGA has gone back to and apologized for the problems that, specifically this batch, experienced when it launched through the Microsoft Store. Last week, the company apologized for the chaotic launch and numerous connection problems, which were mainly caused by too many players.

PSO2 NGS adds new quests, bosses, weapons, armor and affixes with today’s patch. by MMORPG

ViewThe problem with the PC version of Phantasy Star Online 2 has always been that it is a terrible port of an ancient game. The game has never been optimised, and the game’s graphics are horrendous, even on a modern PC.  It really is one of the worst PC ports ever.  That is why I was surprised to see that the game was updated not long ago, for Steam.  Though I haven’t had the time to play the game myself, there are new bugs and issues, but there are issues that have been addressed as well.  So for $19.99 for the base game, it is still a great deal.  It is not perfect, but it is better than it was. Read more about pso2 server status today and let us know what you think.

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