7 Online Slots With the Best Payout

If you’re looking for an online slot that pays out, taking a closer look at the payout percentage is a great place to start. The payout percentage is posted on online casino websites in the rules or the game’s information page – also play roulette today.

Progressive slots have the best payouts. Bet requirement and variance are the significant factors to consider in progressive slots. Games require you to maximize your bet or coin denomination to qualify for the jackpot.

To get you started hunting down your fortune, below are some of the top best slots you should try out.

1. Mega Moolah


Mega Moolah is a slot from Microgaming studio which offers a meager RTP rate of 88.0% and high variance. The game has free spins mode, which is common among Microgaming titles.

You can win the jackpot slot within the Mega Moolah Jackpot Wheel mode. This mode gets triggered during the base game while betting the max amount. During the Mega Moolah wheel, you get four possible jackpot prizes.

To get the Mega Jackpot payout, you need to land on the white space out of the other spaces on the wheel. Although the odds are slim given the condition for reaching the bonus mode, your payout for completing them can lead to millions of dollars of cash.

2. Mighty Griffin Megaways

Mighty Griffin Megaways features 117,649 ways to win avalanche payline structure. So long as there are at least six similar symbols within adjacent slots, you can create matches in the game.

The game offers a standard RTP of 96.46% with mid-high variance. When you match 3 or more Griffin symbols, you trigger the first part of the free spins mode. The mode allows you to win additional free games when more Griffin symbols appear on empty spaces. Having more free spins at the second part of the bonus mode allows a progressive multiplier to grow as you create matches.

3. Mustang


Mustang slot is themed after American ranchers, with horses and ranchers as the highly valued symbols. The Bonfire Scatter is a symbol that pays 1x your bet. Having three symbols land on the reels rewards you with eight free spins. It has an RTP of 96.53% and a mid-high variance.

Mustang has a Money collet feature that involves the Gold Horseshoe Money Symbol. Each symbol contains a cash prize and appears on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. To win the prizes, you must ensure the collect symbol appears on the 5th reel.

When you get the collect symbol and the Money symbol with the jackpot, you trigger the Jackpot Reveal Bonus Game. In this game, you get a chance to win one of the four jackpots by revealing the corresponding symbols. You can get 1000x your bet with the Grand Jackpot prize.

4. Ugga Bugga

Playtech designed this game, and it is known for its high-paying slots. The unique thing about this game is the jungle theme that gives a tribal feeling to the user. In every bet, you will get only two spins. In the first spin, you will get three reels, and you can choose any reel that helps you hold the next one.

Whatever symbol you pick will automatically transfer to the position of the remaining reels. You will start getting payouts from every available pay line whenever you attempt a second spin. It is a worth-trying game that you must try to get high payouts at the end of the session.

5. Pay Dirt


If you are looking for the perfect slot game with better chances of making enough money, you should not miss trying Pay Dirt. It is quite famous among many US players. The theme of the game looks similar to the gold rush game. It includes 25 pay lines and 5 reels. If we talk about the symbol, it looks like a gold nugget.

When you observe the position of the wild symbol, you will mostly get it in the second and fourth positions. If you get the scatter symbol, you will win various bonus points. This slot provides various opportunities of making money with ease.

6. Good Girl Bad Girl

It is another amazing slot-based game for US players. It consists of five reels and around 15 pay lines. When you play this game, there are more chances of winning the bets because of low volatility. If you have skills, you can try this game. But if you want to try your luck in the high-volatility version of this game, then you can also switch to that mode.

But if you desire double pay lines, it is better to choose the combination mode. It is a coin-tossing game in which you will either get a good or bad side. Slowly, you can win bonus points and enjoy different features of the game. You can make enough profit if you stay consistent while playing.

7. Wizard of Gems


It is another high payout slot machine game that consists of five reels and 25 pay lines. The unique thing about this game is that the existing symbols will vanish whenever you win, and you will see new ones. It is an amazing game for people who love to do magic and gamble their money profitably.

Every time you win, the prize money will get multiplied, and it can reach a maximum of five times. The theme of the game is a book that belongs to a wizard. Therefore, you can experience magic spells by getting the scatter symbol. You will get bonus points or free spins whenever you spin and get three scatter symbols.

Whenever you spin, the symbol will change, and it changes continuously. For every consecutive winning, the prize money will be multiplied. You can make enough money through this slot game within a few sessions or rounds.

Final Thoughts

High payout slots are worth your money if you can handle the risks of playing progressive jackpot slots or high-variance slots. Unlike RTP slots with low variance, high payouts slots triple your bankroll with just a few spins.

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