Best Cartoon Slot Games

Slots always have a theme to them. You will find anything from Greek mythology, Ancient Egypt, Wild West, and film. They are interesting and will keep you on your toes and meet the adrenaline rush while playing the games. Most slot game providers ensure that they produce slots based on any imaginable theme to keep gamers entertained.

If you love animated movies, you should try cartoon-themed games. These give you a great gaming experience as they come with splendid features, themes, crystal graphics, and catchy music. In addition, there is an endless hub that you can explore while doing justice to your love for animation.

Best 5 Cartoon Slot Games

Below are some of the best cartoon-themed slot games that are a must-try.

1. Family Guy


Family guy animated cartoon came from one of the comedies made popular by entertainer Seth McFarlane. Peter Griffin, the main character, tries to make everyone in his family happy, which leads to hilariously funny, exciting twists and turns before it all turns okay.

IGT slot brings the comedy show perfectly to the game, developing a game full of astounding graphics and great bonuses and jackpots. In addition, the family Guy-themed slot has many unique features that make it hard to walk away.

There are four Griffin family features and a three-stage World Bonus. You can spin the globe to activate The Drunken Clam Bonus, Lois’ Hot Free spins, or Chicken Fight Bonus. You will likely enjoy this cartoon-themed slot if you are a fan of the Family Guy TV show.

2. The Flintstones

It is another household name that will recreate many memories. It was the first time that humans came across the concept of animation that has inspired many remakes, spinoff stories, and the creation of living action movies.

It is from Playtech and has 5 reels and features all the key characters in the slot machine symbols. Symbols include the main characters of the series like Fred Flinstone, Betty Rubble, Wilma Flintstone, Barney, and not to forget their pet – Dino.

The game has packed unique features for you to choose from. In addition, each free game comes with unique features. The Bedrock Bowling bonus also centers on Fred’s favorite hobby. You can expect a hub of cash prizes and multipliers. The engaging features, marvelous graphics, and exciting themes make this one, worth one try for sure.

3. Pink Panther


The pink panther landed in the world in the mid-1960 and ran from 1964 to 1980, then spawned successful movies multiple times. Playtech, a software developer, chose to use the Pink Panther for a slot machine.

The graphics in the slot go back to the original cartoon with vintage Pink Panther, Inspector Clouseau, Pink Paint, Little Man, bombs, and pink paw prints. Almost all regular symbols are rounded with the poker symbols nine through to Ace.

Pink Panther has a five-reel game with 50 pay lines and has betting denominations ranging from 0.01 per line to $2 per line. You can play the game with credits and decide to play up to 10 credits, where each spin gives you a maximum bet of $800 per spin. Playing animated slots is enjoyable, especially for those who love themed games. The Cartoon slots listed above are the most popular and are players’ favorite. These slots are brought to you by leading software developers.

4. Tooncops

Everyone who was a kid before the arrival of Gen Z has a separate corner in the heart for Disney and its splendid animation. The overflowing crazy for Disney animation is enough to lead you to this cartoon slot game. The game is a good combination of nostalgia and relieving you from everyday stress. You’ll find 30 animated shows along with amazing themes that are enough to take you down memory lane. You’ll find 5 reels and a scatter symbol in the game. Also, there are 3 rows in this game with the ultimate aim of looting a jewelry shop.

There’s no chance that you won’t fall for the catchy visuals and amazing themes. Also, if you dig deep into the game’s visuals, you won’t think twice before searching for the Mickey reels. It turns out we carry out childhood memories for a long time, isn’t it?

Coming back to discussing the game, there are some standard free spins. But there are no bonus rounds. So, you’ll have to manage with the spins only. But with ever-amazing and engaging graphics, you’ll have fun playing around in the ultimate race between police and thieves.

5. American Dad


Playtech deserves appreciation for bringing about a major cartoon slot. It is related to the American Dad. So, if you are a fan, you have the right reasons to try this one. As obvious as it can get, this one uses the American flag stripes as its background. But, the makers have tried their best to give it a little makeover by adding blue reels in the middle of those flag-coordinated white and red horizontal lines.

There’s a lot that is in the store with this slot game. From multipliers to free spins, you’ll feel yourself having a gala time with the American Dad personas that are anywhere in the middle of the slot game. Additionally, all the family members in the game have distinct features that can grant you consecutive wilds, multipliers, or even stacking.

When you decide to explore this favorite of yours in the form of a slot game, you’ll find yourself in the middle of as many as 40 pay lines. They are spread amongst 5 of those blue reels and 4 rows. You can spot all the main characters. The first one that you are most likely to spot is Roger. He is the Wild symbol. Also, don’t forget to keep a check on the bonus rounds as they draw their theme from the main characters.


The slot game world is growing, and you’ll have something new to explore every time you plan to have a glance at your old classics. Choose anything from the fraction list of the mighty slot world mentioned or go for something else, but there is one thing for sure – you will relive old moments and enjoy life like never before.

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