What Is Back And Lay In Sports Betting – 2024 Guide

Choosing the right strategy is essential in sports betting. The first thing to do before you start spending your money is to take good research on the following teams and games, compare them, and pay attention to various factors that could affect the result. There are different types of betting that you can choose for various sports.

The standard method is the most popular one, and it is also the easiest. All you need to do is to select an odd for the following game. The great thing is that bookies are now providing a wide range of odds and combinations. For example, instead of playing a clear fix on some team, you can try with a double chance to reach higher winning probability.

However, before you start with your selection of games, you should explore the market and find the best gambling site available in your area. This can make a huge difference if you find the website that is offering the best odds and selection of games. You can check the example of an excellent online betting platform if you visit 22Bet.

Furthermore, we already mentioned how important the right approach is. That is something to focus on after you find the right platform. There are different strategies that provides a much higher winning probability, and we are going to introduce you to main features of back and lay.

Simple Explanation


It is very popular in betting on horse races, but you can implement it in any other sport as well. The key feature is that you can tip on the opposite outcomes of the game. Also, you should know that many online platforms won’t allow you to combine two odds for a single game on the same ticket, which means that you will have to play more than one.

Furthermore, you should research the offers and try to find the biggest odds for both outcomes. For example, Everton is playing against Liverpool, and the odd on away team is 1.6, while it is 2.4 for the home team. However, there might be a bookie that is giving 2.7 for home team, but the offer for the away team is much lower. In that case, you should choose both sites. One for the home win, and another one for the away win.

When it comes to the terms back and lay, it simply means winning or losing. You are backing a team when you are tipping that it will win, and laying a bet when you are playing against that team. Comparing these odds can help you to create a better money management and more secure bets.

How To Make Profit With This Option?

The main advantage is for those players interested in investing more money. For example, when there is a clear favorite, but the opponent is in an excellent form, betting such a game can be quite risky. Therefore, you can choose this option to prevent losses. However, you will have to invest a lot more money in one of these odds, and use another one as protection.

For example, you can back one team with $200 when the odd is 1.5, and lay a bet on the opposite result with enough money to cover the same $200. In that matter, scoring the first option provides you a profit of $300, while the second one returns your investment.

You have to know that it is not always so simple to combine these options since the difference in odds is often not enough. Still, you can research different bookies and try to find the right difference. This system is especially interesting in horse races where you can back one horse, and lay a bet on another one.

Another excellent feature that we have to mention is related to newbies, and that is to use the promo features in your favor. The point is to find a new platform where you still don’t have a profile, and you will probably receive some amount of free credit that you can use for different games.

Therefore, you can invest your money by backing a team, and use the promo amount for the opposite option. Be sure to find the right game since you can use this feature only once whenever you create a new profile.

In-Game Benefits


This option is especially beneficial when you are playing on live events. Since there are so many factors that can affect the score, you might be able to notice something on time, and make the right actions. For instance, even if the home team was a huge favorite on paper, you noticed that they are not in the great form on the following game. Therefore, you can start laying a bet on them, and backing the away team.

Importance of Money Management

This is crucial in betting no matter what type of approach you choose. The point is to always determine the amount of money you can spend without facing financial losses. These activities always bring some level of risk.

Therefore, focus on research and analysis, and plan your moves in advance. Use this feature in your favor so you can prevent bigger losses. Also, don’t rush with your actions and always compare the offers so you can get the best deal.


The Bottom Line

This model is similar to some other approaches, and the key is to making the betting more secure. However, keep in mind that you should never feel relaxed and starting to combine a lot of games by using this option.

Forcing is the biggest mistake people are making, and that is often the main reason why some players are facing financial losses. Instead of that, analyze the offers and compare the difference between back and lay so you can find the right solution where you can make a good profit while keeping the chance of returning your investment in case that the first option fails. One of the best ways for that is to combine playing at several platforms at once.

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