Types of Betting Odds in Sports Betting & How to Read Them

There are many ways to earn some side cash today, and most of these opportunities come from doing something online. For many years, completing various surveys and questionnaires was one of the easiest ways to accomplish this, but as tech advances, so do more opportunities emerge. Among all other things like being an influencer, creating funny yet highly addictive videos, gifs, or memes, doing various tasks to earn coins (even the BTC ones), becoming a freelancer, and showcasing your writing, editing, coding skills, etc., one thing that people often forget about when it comes to how to make money online is gambling.

Gambling has and always will be one of the easiest ways to enhance your monthly budget, regardless of whether someone prefers playing games of chance online or if they are just fond of wagering on the sport they favor the most. Of course, some people indulge in it just because of pure fun, which gambling really is, but there are things you can do to turn the chances in your favor and make the whole sports betting experience even better.

If you want to try your luck and gamble online, knowing the basics like the ones mentioned above is simply a must, but what’s even more important is finding a reliable website. It can be pretty challenging because there are too many of them, and if you are in a hurry and do not have enough time for research, visiting 20Bet can be the best possible solution.

Learning all the options


It all starts with knowing all the options on which we can wager, and today, all of the events in just one game can confuse many. That is why sticking to the traditional odds and betting only on the final outcome is what those experienced players always suggest. Of course, by betting on certain events, we can also increase the chance of high winnings, but that’s possible, especially in the long run, only when you understand how it all works and know how to control yourself (not bet too much).

There is no sure win


Well, this one is just the basic principle of games of chance as here, nothing is certain, which is also why it is so entertaining and also how that risk creates the opportunity to win big. Namely, just because certain odds favor some sports team or a certain event in one game, that doesn’t mean it will surely happen, as what makes sports so great is that even the underdog can sometimes beat the champion. It’s all about the inspiration and luck, and that, combined with gambling, creates an atmosphere in which if you don’t know when to make the right move, you will miss your chance to go big and will just go home with empty pockets.

Three main types


You should also be aware that there are many types of it, with British, European, and American ones being the three main ones. This fact alone confuses many, and that is why doing some research before the wagering is of vast importance, especially if you live in the US and want to gamble on some European, for example. It is also a reason why we will further discuss these three main types and how to read them so that next time you feel lucky and want to wager on some sporting event, you will understand and be fully prepared for everything that might happen.


Although they have various names, such as fractional, U.K., and traditional, they all mean the same, and one of the most popular names for them is the British type. Recognizing them is easy since they always contain a slash, and once you see one of these two characters, you can be sure that you are dealing with this type. Reading them is not complicated as it looks at first sight, and if a fractional listing is 10/1 or 10-1, that means that one will win $10 for every $1 wager, plus the amount of the wager back, which makes the total of $6. This type is also quite popular in Ireland, and many large bookmakers use them.


Like the British type, the European one is also known by many names, and some of them are decimal, digital, and continental. They are probably the easiest to learn, as one simple glance at them can help us understand more about the game itself. The amount of money we can win is calculated by multiplying the amount of money we want to wager with it. For example, if you see 2,30 (which usually represents the underdog of the match), and the wager is $5, the amount one can win is $11,5. Although called European, this type is also highly popular in many other countries across the globe and used by many popular bookmakers.


This is the last one on this list and the one that confuses so many. Recognizing this type is not that difficult as it always contain a plus sign that indicates underdogs and minus sign that indicates favorites of the game. There is a difference in reading those with positive and those with negative signs, which can easily confuse a beginner. These with positive signs represent the amount we can win for every $100 stake, while these with negative signs represent the amount of money we need to pay in order to win $100. Both of them have in common that in case you win, you will get the initial stake back added to the amount you have won. Since everything is much easier to define by using an example, we will use one to make it easier for you to understand: If they are +500, one needs to place a wager of $100, and if they win, they will get a total of $600 ($500 + initial bet of $100). On the other side, -700 means that one needs to place a wager of $700 to win $100, which makes a total of $800.

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