What Does Handicapping Mean in Sports Betting?

The reason why betting sports events can be a much better option than casino games is that you can significantly increase your chances to make a profit by implementing the right approach and analyzing the following games.

There are different types of odds that you can choose, and it is crucial to understand their function. Besides that, you will need a good strategy and a profile on a reliable betting platform like 20Bet. The great thing is that many of these websites today are offering some excellent features to newbies.

The essential part of successful betting is to learn more about the meaning of different odds that you can choose for the game. You can bet on the winner, total points, and various margins. Also, handicapping can improve your chances even more. Here are the main features of handicapping in sports betting.

It Is Not the Same as Spread


The first thing you need to understand about this form is that it is not the same as the point spread. However, some similarities make it almost the same depending on the sport you choose. For example, it can be a better alternative when you are betting on some football game.

Let’s say that you want to bet on Liverpool against Leeds Utd. The standard odd for the home win will be quite low. However, choosing a handicap will provide you with a much better option. For instance, if the odd for the home win is 1.15, a h1 tip will give you at least 1.35. Also, standard handicap in football means that the selected team must win with at least two goals more than the opponent.

On the other side, point spread can be an even better option if you think that there will be a lot of goals. Therefore, instead of choosing handicap, you can select some interesting combination like tipping on a winner and number of goals to be more than three or four.

Handicapping in Football

The main advantage is that you can choose so many things where you can add this bet in your system. For example, before the competition starts, you can select a handicap where you will try to predict the position of some club, or the number of goals during the season.

The interesting part is that the provided amount in the handicap is related to the first place in the league. The explanation is quite simple. If the requirement for Watford is +50, that means that you can win by playing on this club only if the difference between their score and the first place is less than 50.

What About Other Sports?


The great benefit is that you can bet on underdogs with this option. They can still lose the game, but the point is that the difference in points must be in determining range.

For example, the Lakers are playing a game against Dallas, who is also a great team this season.

You know that the Lakers are especially good at home stadium, but Dallas is not an easy opponent, and they also have a great chance to make a surprise and win the game.

Therefore, you can choose an h2 odd, where even losing by the lower difference in points, or a win by Dallas will provide you with a win.

Essentials of Accurate Handicapping

The first thing to do is to compare the odds of the game you are interested in. The key feature of this option is that you can make those small odds slightly higher. That is crucial for people who are investing more money.

Besides that, it is crucial to pay attention to the current form of the teams. In case that you are betting on points in the game by using this system, it would be a mistake to select a team that is known for strong defense and a lot of previous games that came under the margin.

Moreover, be sure that it can be the right solution. If the home team is favorite, and it seems like there is no way for the opponent to make a serious threat, maybe an even better solution would be to try to predict a higher margin or a system where you want to bet that the home team will win in each separate quarter, or that it will manage to score a greater amount of points.

Focus on Good Research


The core of more successful betting is focusing on different factors that might affect the game. We already mentioned the current form of the teams, and whether they are known for attacking or defensive style of play. Besides that, always check if there are no injuries of key players. Even the importance of the game can make a difference.

We cannot expect that the favorite will always look to score new records, even when they are playing a game that won’t affect their rank in any way. On the other side, when a team is struggling in the lower parts of the table, but you know that they are good enough to improve their position, it could be a good choice to start betting on them with a handicap when they are playing against teams on a higher rank.

The Bottom Line

The great thing is that you can use this system in different sports. Another example is tennis. You can choose a home side in H bet if you think that they will win by two sets in advance. It is especially good solution for Grand Slam tournaments and tennis stars like Djokovic, Nadal, and Medvedev.

On the other side, the biggest benefit is when you want to play on underdog teams when you think that they might make a surprise in the next game. Even if they lose, betting close to the opponent with the number of points will provide you with a win.

In the end, the key is to research the available events and consider different solutions. You can combine all sorts of odds. You should always focus on your chances and keep in mind that trying to predict surprises can give you much more money, but the chances will be much lower with that option.

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