5 Most Common Sports for Betting in Africa 2024

The expansion of online gambling platforms is present in Africa like it is in the rest of the world. Therefore, we can notice some big changes when it comes to popular games and websites people are choosing there.

Before you choose a sport and the game to spend money on, it is crucial to learn more about some details related to websites where you can play, and strategies that might help you reach a better chance of winning.

The problem in many African countries is related to the internet and how safe it is to share personal data. In that matter, it is crucial to choose a reliable and safe online platform where you can share details of your bank account. In that matter, check out Bet22.

The popularity of some sports can also make a difference. For example, when you want to bet on baseball, which is not a very popular sport in Africa, there is a chance that many online platforms won’t have any games available, or that the list of odds is too short. Here are the most popular sports in Africa.

1. Football


It is not a surprise that this sport is first on this list since it is the most popular sport in the world. The only place where it is not ranked first in northern America. Another typical detail is that most people are interested in top European leagues like Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1. There are many amazing players from this continent who are playing at these clubs as well, such as Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Mahrez, and many others.

There are some legendary players as well, such as Samuel Eto, Didier Drogba, Gorge Weah, and many more. A dream of every African football player is to start playing for some European club.

Even though they don’t have the same advanced infrastructure as some other places in the world, there is a specific ambient that makes it interesting and unique.

When it comes to betting, the most popular leagues are the focus, but there are also many offers available for African leagues. That is the advantage for those who are watching these championships more often since they can combine it with games from Europe and South America, which are the most popular for betting.

2. Athletics


You might be surprised, but it is a well-known fact that winners of gold medals in big tournaments, especially when it comes to marathons and similar models, are usually from this continent.

Kenya and Ethiopia are leathers with the most winners in big tournaments. However, an even bigger surprise is that you can bet on these games. It is not so popular in other parts of the world, but people here are analyzing different competitors taking each detail into account.

3. Basketball


Like most other players, NBA is the leader in this sport, and most people are following the results in this league when they want to bet. While championships in most countries on this continent cannot compare to those in Europe or NBA, there are many talented players who are playing in some of the best leagues and teams.

The best players from Africa in NBA are Joel Embiid, Sege Ibaka, Bismack, and more. Also, there are some legendary players like Steve Nash, Mutombo, Manute Bol, Luc Mbah, and others. When it comes to conditions, they are the same as on most other websites from all over the world. Again, the main difference is related to the long list of African events that are not so popular outside of this continent.

4. Rally


This is another surprise on this list. Most of the players never tried spending money on some race. However, it can be a very interesting experience. There are some famous rally competitions here, like the races in Kenya and Ivory Coast. What makes it so unique is the area where the track is placed, especially when it comes to those in the Ivory Coast where a big part of the track is on the sand. Placing a bet on some drivers will make it even more interesting to watch this event.

5. Cricket


It is common for Australia and India to offer a lot of odds and games for betting on this sport. However, South Africa is a big player as well. They are keeping pace with these two countries, and cricket is one of the most popular sports there. This African country is currently in the third position in the men’s championship. There are some legendary names from this place as well, like Amia, Kallis, Gibbs, and more.

Last Words

The best thing about the fact that people in Africa prefer so many sports is that gambling sites are providing longer lists for all kinds of events. That provides higher flexibility to determine the best pairs and improve your chance to win. For example, you can combine a cricket game with some football matches, and add a favorite from the following NBA game week.

On the other side, the key to successful investing in sports events is proper analysis. A lot of people are making the same mistake where they rather choose to play on their favorite teams instead of relying on statistics.

There are some other popular events on this continent as well, especially when it comes to boxing and rugby. Therefore, your combination can contain a lot of different events. Therefore, try to use that in your favor.

Before you choose a combination, research the available platforms since a lot of them are using the same approach to attract new players, which is by giving some free funds to them when they create a profile and make the first payment.

That is especially beneficial for beginners who can test their luck and some strategies without the need to spend any money. In the end, the main advantage of such a long list of popular sports is that bookies will offer long lists of odds where you can always find the combination with a better chance to provide you profit.

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