3 Interesting Casino Math Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

The gambling industry is getting more and more popular in recent years. One of the main reasons for that is the expansion of online platforms. That provides people with flexibility and the ability to play various games more often. The choice between traditional and advanced models is individual. Some people will rather hold the cards or chips in their hands, while most people prefer the convenience.

Moreover, there are some very important things to know about gambling before you start spending your money. First of all, since there is the expansion of online platforms, keep in mind that there might be some that are not safe and reliable. Therefore, the first thing to do is to check some details related to the website you are interested in. If you are interested in a very popular option, check out Black Lotus casino.

After you determine the right place where you will play, it is crucial to set some rules and learn more about available games. The complexity depends on the type that you prefer, but all of them require good money management. You can find a lot of strategies online, along with alleged methods where you might be able to calculate or predict the next win. However, that is not possible.

There are ways to improve your chances, but it is never guaranteed. Here are some interesting math facts related to gambling.

1. 50/50 is not a 50% chance


You probably heard the phrase that the house always wins. That is a complete truth. The best example that will help you understand is related to those games where a player can double the money in a single turn. It is presented as a 50/50 option, but there is always a small advantage for the house.

For example, one of the most popular options where you can easily double the money is roulette and options like placing chips on colors or sections of the table. People are often forgetting that there is also a zero among the available fields. Therefore, the chances are never in your favor. There are approaches where you can increase or lower the coin size over time to follow the progressive system, such as one where you will increase the coin size each time you lose, and then return to the initial point once you win. Well, facing a zero, in this case, can ruin your experience.

The same is for blackjack. It might seem like a fair game where both player and the deal are facing the same odds, but there is a small detail that is making a small advantage to the dealer, and that is related to the fact that you are always playing first. That is lowering your odds by a few percent.

2. Return Rate is Not a Chance to Win


The most common misconception about pokies is that the presented return rate has something to do with the chance to make a profit. It is an important element that can help you stay in the game for a longer time and affect your experience, but the chance to make money is completely random and there is no way to affect it.

For example, you choose a title with a presented 92% return rate. It does not mean that you have the same rate for making money, or even that the same chance is there to prevent losing a lot of it.

This rate is simply provided for each particular turn. When you play a game with a 90% return rate, only 1 in ten turns won’t combine at least the least valuable symbols.

However, most games have available combinations where only certain types of symbols can increase your balance even with three signs. In most cases, three signs will be enough to recover your money for that turn. Stull, facing only basic three-sign combos all the time will surely lead to losing money over time due to 1-in-10 settings of that game with a 90% rate.

3. You Cannot Beat the System


If you ever went to some public place where people are gambling, you might see someone with a paper and pen while playing roulette, and trying to calculate the possibilities for the next turn.

There is a Big Number Theory that you can use to calculate some outcomes, but it is related only to situations with thousands or millions of repeats, where the result is always the same for all options.

However, there is no way to apply it to this game even if you spend a whole day while playing. The only math that you can use is related to your financial situation and how much money you can spend while gambling without causing any issues.

Also, the proper calculation is needed when you want to determine the value of the coin size, or when you want to spend money on sports events. In that matter, rely on math only for things where you can calculate your budget and determine how much money you can spend, or will there be any consequences if you continue playing after facing a losing strike.

Last Words

The internet is full of myths and potential strategies that you can use to secure a lot of money. It is not difficult to understand why all of these things cannot help you in practice. Companies that are providing these games are using the system that secures them with profit no matter how much money you manage to win in one session. They are always the ones who will win in long term.

In that matter, the only thing to rely on is the proper strategy where you will determine the right amount of money for the start, and how much you will spend in each turn. Trying to make gambling a source of stable income would be a huge mistake since there is no way to win every time, and there are no safe strategies that could be implemented in any game. Therefore, this should be only considered as a fun activity with a chance to make some profit.

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