Net Worth of Top Casino Players In 2024

Although some people see gambling as a way of getting rich quickly, it may not be so for some because there are people who became bankrupt because of gambling. In every industry, they are still big guns who dominate, and casino games players are not left out. There are losers and there are winners in this space.

There are many things that make some people get rich with gambling and one of them is getting to know the best casinos first before proceeding to bet there. There are many sites that can help you know the best casinos to make a good amount of money if you know the game well. You can head over to if you want some of the good casino features that made these people rich.

Although many people think that it is impossible to get rich with gambling, there are casino players out there that are very rich and some of them are listed below :

1. Tony Bloom


Tony Bloom is the chairman of the Brighton and Hove Albion football club in Europe. Popularly known as “the lizard” is an ardent poker player and sport better. In addition to being the chairman of Brighton football club, Tony is also a major shareholder of a Belgian football club.

Worth around 1.7 billion US dollars, Tony Bloom didn’t make all his money by being a poker player or betting on sports. He also has a good number of investments that made him that rich. He is the chairman of a football club and he also has other landed properties. Together with investments, Tony Bloom also created his gambling site which added to his fortune.

2. Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko Ranogajec is a man that was born in Australia and moved up to the United States to continue his career there. He was known to be successful in advantage gambling which yielded him a lot of money. Zeljko was a student at the University of Tasmania where he studied banking and finance. He learned card counting at a blackjack table while working in a Casino.

When he started playing casino games, mainly blackjack and horse bets in Australia, he was banned from every casino in Australia because they discovered that he engaged in card counting while playing the game. He is worth more than $450 million and was inducted into the blackjack hall of fame in the year 2011. When Zeljko moved to the United States, he was also banned from all the casinos in Las Vegas before returning to his home Australia.

3. Bill Benter


Bill Benter is an American and Hong Kong professional gambler and philanthropist who focuses on horse betting. He’s also one of the most successful and popular gamblers in the world that is known for making as much as $5 – $10 million on each racing day. Bill started playing casino games at an early age and he started with blackjack before concentrating more on horse betting.

Bill Benter is worth 1 billion US dollars and he studied physics in the university which made him a mathematics genius at the blackjack table. Because of his outrageous success, he was banned in many Las Vegas casinos which made him move to Hong Kong where he assisted in creating the world’s first software assisting gambling operation. A lot of people argue that he earns $100 million yearly but whichever way, he is among the top richest casino players in 2024.

4. Andrew Black


The net worth of Andrew Black is 670 million US dollars. He is the co-founder of the world’s first and biggest betting exchange. He is a British entrepreneur who had success playing blackjack in the casino. Before going into gambling full time, Andrew was a businessman.

After he was not satisfied with the amount of money he had made with betting, Andrew went into another aspect of casino gaming which was creating a casino gaming software Betfair which enabled him to make more money since Betfair grew to be more successful. He has about 15% share in Betfair and this fetched him a lot of fortune.

5. Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is sometimes said to have made his entire money playing poker in the casino. He is worth around 100 million US dollars and is one time referred to as the “Tiger Woods of poker”.

He is known to have broken a lot of records in casino gaming such as being the youngest casino player to win 10 world series of poker bracelets, appear at nine world poker tour final tables, and one world poker title all at the age of 38. Philip is considered by many to be one of the greatest of all time to play the game of casino and he even made around $15 million at live poker tournaments.

6. Edward Thorp


Edward Thorp is an American mathematics professor, author, hedge fund manager, and blackjack researcher. He was not only a successful blackjack player, but he was also an author of the book “Beat the dealer” that helped other players to get good at their game. He was known to have intelligence that was above average and he utilized this to the best.

He is worth around $800 million and was inducted into the blackjack hall of fame in 2002 and with the way he used maths to win games, Edward made a lot of fortune. Other casino players like Bill Benter declared that Edward’s book helped them to get better at playing casino games.

Casino gaming is not a get-rich-quick platform because there are other players who have lost a lot of money that even made them go bankrupt because of their loss. But they are some who have made fortunes playing casino games. People like Tony Bloom, Bill Benter, and other top casino players mentioned above have made a lot of money playing casino games and their net worth says it all.

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