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Asmongold Net Worth 2024

Asmongold is highly recognized for World of Warcraft streaming and YouTube videos. He can stream for over 24 hours continuously. And to date, you cannot find a person who can stream for long hours like Asmongold. Are you curious or know more about his personal life, achievements, net worth, and other interesting stuff? If so, here it is.

Who Is Asmongold

Asmongold, aka Zack, is a Twitch streamer well-renowned for his ‘Dark Souls’ and ‘World of Warcraft‘ streams. He even runs a YouTube channel with a huge crowd. He co-founded “One True King,” the one-stop platform for digital content creators. He gained a lot of social media traction and has many subscribers for his YouTube channel. Apart from this, he entered Twitch video streaming in 2014 and has been running it successfully for over six years. He is an inspiration for several entrepreneurs and youth who would like to follow their passion and earn huge rewards. His gaming expertise has become one of his primary sources of wealth.

Asmongold’s Early Life & Family

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Asmongold’s family background, schooling, parents, and personal life aren’t available. It seems like he would like to keep his personal life private. He was born in Austin City in 1990 on April 20. Initially, Zack, along with his girlfriend Pink Sparkles, streaked on Twitch. It’s known that they were recognized as the best Twitch couple and had the utmost craze. They continued their relationship for 18 months and later separated in 2012. To date, the reason for the breakup isn’t known by anyone.

Asmongold’s Career Highlights And Milestones

Some of Asmongold’s career highlights and milestones include the following:

His initial YouTube channel, which was started in 2008, has over 314K subscribers with 24,667,049 views as of 2024. Again in 2012, he started another channel 2012 namely, CatDany-Asmongold Highlights. It received about 139K subscribers with 76,067,061 views. Moreover, he started his Twitch account in the same year. Today, it has 33K subscribers with 46,756,562 views.
His next channel was started in 2013 and garnered over 333K subscribers, and he began Twitch streaming in 2014.
Later, in 2015, his Asmongold Moments channel reaped 40K subscribers with 583K views. He has been playing Warcraft since 2016.
In 2017, he established CatDany. Like all his channels, this channel also got thousands of subscribers and millions of views. Similarly, in 2018, he founded Asmongold and Daily Dose of Asmongold. Recently, in 219, he started Asmongold TV that garnered around 616K subscribers and 335 million views. In 2018, he even recognized the highly watched World of Warcraft streamer.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Asmongold

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Here are a few interesting facts about Asmongold that you might be interested in.

Asmongold has produced a few music tracks on Spotify upon his interest and passion for music.
Zack used the Asmongold as his game name to play and enjoy with his peers at his tender age. Later, when Zack was searching for the best tag for gaming, he remembered his childhood game name and adopted it once again. However, he looked for a better name after that, but Asmongold’s name was the most dominating one.

Net Worth

His estimated net worth is $2.5 million from his major income sources YouTube, Twitch, selling, donations, ads, brand endorsements, promotions, etc.

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