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XQC or XQCOW(aka Felix Lengyel) is one of the most followed and viewed personalities. He is a Twitch streamer who resides in Canada and an expert Overwatch gamer. He was an active participant in all the Overwatch World Cup Leagues in 2017, 2018, and 2019 representing Canada. DO you want to know interesting stuff about this famous personality, including net worth, early life, and milestones? Yup. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in.

About XQC


XQC is a successful gamer and Twitch streamer who was born on November 12, 1995. He participated in numerous tournaments and gaming leagues. He runs a YouTube channel and shares a few of his gaming highlights and live stream highlights.

His Early Life And Family


Most of his personal life and daily background is unknown. Yet, we garnered a few facts about him from multiple reliable magazines and online resources. He graduated in humanities and later on studied administration. After three years, he discontinued his studies and focused on gaming. If he had left his studies and focused on gaming, he might have achieved success and fame earlier.

Career Highlights And Milestones of XQC


A few of his best games that grabbed most people’s attention include Gladiator Legion, Dallas Fuel, Dazit, Denial Esports, Arc 6, GOATS, etc. He is even an international player who participated in gaming representing Canada. After the tremendous play, the South Korean team defeated them. XQC was recognized as the most important player and a great asset for the entire team in the play. He is also taking responsibility as content creator for Luminosity Gaming.

Less-Known Interesting Stuff About The XQC


Here are a few less-known things about this famous player, XQC, that you might be interested in. So, reason.

  • One of the astonishing facts about the XQC is that he streams 9+ hours per day. He receives 60K views per day. Also, he has 35K subscribers.
  • He is a Twitch celeb with a huge fan base. His account has been suspended numerous times because of disrespectful gaming chats. Moreover, his games have been banned for the same reason.
  • Most often, his teammates pointed out XQC for his violent and disrespectful chat in the chat box.
  • Once, he showed pornographic scenes in his adult gaming show. Soon after that, his account was suspended for violating rules.
  • Though he received numerous warnings, he neglected them.
  • At the Overwatch League Games, he made an uncivilized and disrespectful statement against the gay player. However, after that, he faced numerous suspensions and penalties. This incident has raised allegations and controversies. After this incident, he apologized to the player for his disrespectful behavior.

XQC’s Net Worth

The net worth of XQC is around $3 million from his primary income sources: live streams, leagues, and gaming competitions. He is one of the popular personalities in Twitch. He has even ranked in the topmost positions as the most followed and viewed celebs.

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