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This world is the only place you can find spectacular as well as versatility in beauty and art. But with a twist in it like crimes is something interesting, isn’t it? This area is highlighted when we are talking about Bailey Darian. Her take on the criminal assessment is impressive and filled with suspense and mystery. She is the epitome of makeup which her videos totally justify.

You must be wondering what sense of idea triggered her. Read this article and quench your thirst for the information that you’re looking for so long. Get Amazing tracks of her interesting story as you move on.

About Bailey


Californian teen, Bailey is an exceptional YouTuber.Her YouTube channel is widely known for her aesthetic makeup skills. Her personality is rejuvenating along with her glamorous and elegant looks. Her talents came into the spotlight when she started her YT channel. Being an influencer has also made a great contribution to her popularity. And so today she has clasps of 4 million and more subscriptions for her channel. Her fans are always waiting for her videos, especially the crime content ones but makeup videos also have a great stand among her followers.

Early Life And Family

Source: youtube.

In 1988, Bailey was born on November 29. California is her birthplace. This 32-year-old, multi-talented persona has two sisters and has nephews too. She has been talented since a young age. Paloma Valley High School in California is where she accomplished her schooling. As makeup was her field of interest she continued her further studies in the same field because she wanted to start her career in the same field.

Bailey, fortunately, got a job in ‘Sephora’, the biggest and most prominent brand which was a turning point in her life and it was just like a dream for her as she started realizing that this job will help her grow to heights. She met a person named Fernando Valdez unknowingly who turned out to be her future husband. They later got engaged. Fernando was the priority love. They have a Pit bull terrier and like a family happily since then. And together have a lot of memories.

Career And Achievements


We’ll have a glimpse at her career. Initially, she began as a makeup artist. She made up brides, actors for the shoots and other events. She also had a keen interest in crime mysteries from a young age as her mother was an emergency dispatcher due to which she had a fascination for looking at cases closely. But before she started as a makeup artist, was a freelancer. She also worked for several celebs. But then her zeal to achieve something in her field of interest held her and created a YouTube channel which gained a successful beginning. Her videos were lit because she used to add stories before the main release of the video.

Facts About Bailey That You Didn’t Know


Her YouTube channel was created in 2013 and soon she celebrated her 6 years of a successful relationship with YT followers. 100,000 was her first view score on her crime-based makeup video.

Net Worth

Bailey’s total estimated worth is about $0.5 million. She is able to make such an income mainly through her videos on YT.

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