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Brian Redban Net Worth 2024

Brian Redban is multiple talents packed into one person. And the fact that he never had any formal education for any of them makes him even more remarkable. He is a very talented comedian and a video producer. He stepped into the world of editing videos at a tender age and has been growing strong ever since. He is a successful actor on top of his other skills.

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About Redban

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Redban’s real name is Brian Reichle. Brian Redban is the stage name he came up with, in the starting of his career. He is a famous comedian who is a part of several comedy clubs. He is also the founder of Dead Squad Podcast Network. Having directed a few movies, Brian is a skilled director and producer along with being a recognized video editor.

Early Life And Family

Born in Ohio on the 4th of August in 1974, his father is Gary Reichle and mother is Mary Reichle. His sister’s name is Erin. Their parents divorced when Brian was still a child, separating the siblings consequently.

Redban completed his high school from Worthington Kilbourne in 1993. Later, he enrolled in Columbus State Community College and earned yet another degree. In his 20s, he became quite passionate about videography and wanted to become a media producer. He learned the skills of videography and media editing on his own, without getting any formal education.

Coming to his personal life, not much is known for he is a very private man. The only thing known about his relationship is that he is dating Korean-American, Janice Min. She is a marketing expert and has been featured in some of his podcasts as well.

His Career And Major Milestones

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In 2004, Brian started his company Talking Monkey Productions. His career skyrocketed when he was noticed by Joe Rogan. Initially, Joe had Brian film some of his comedy videos on the tour. Later, the duo went on to work on many projects together.

In 2009, his most famous production, a podcast JRE (“The Joe Rogan Experience“) was launched. Brian also co-hosted it until 2013. The show was watched 11 million times along with 16 million downloads in a year! Brian produced an online show, “The Joe Show.” He has created “Death Squad Podcast Network” which is a joint venture with several other comedians.


  • Shorty Award nomination in 2012
  • Best Comedy Podcast won by JRE in 2012.
  • Stitcher Award won by JRE in 2014.

Things You Didn’t Know About

Owing to keeping his personal life private, rumors spread that Brian was gay. But he furiously shunned all of them, clarifying that he is straight.
Very opposite to his son, Brian’s father works as a research engineer in Columbus.
Brain has produced and directed movies like The Naughty Show in 2011, The Cultural High in 2014, and others.

Net Worth

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His net worth is estimated to be around $1million. JRE contributed much to his net worth. His live shows, tours and comedy acts contribute further.

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