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John Assaraf ,the one who has prowess on the internet with his distinctive intelligence.This  wise person has nudged the theme of mindset and behavior with his expert skills. This persona has engrossed the internet with his mind-blowing talks and Discoveries. His admirers are spread not just in Israel or America but across the entire world. He is just like the diamond in the necklace.

About John



John Assaraf is also known as a researcher. All the talks he has rendered till today are brilliantly influential. He has helped the huge audience overcome issues like confidence, self depression ,etc. There is something magical happening when he utters each word. His intellect is overflowing with wisdom and knowledge which has made him steal the hearts of the people. His videos serve a great acknowledgement. Globally also his persistence is appreciated.

His Life And Family


Tel-Aviv-Yafo is the place in Israel where John Assaraf comes from. January 1,9161 is his birthdate. Mark Assaraf was his father, who was the only person John shared everything with. The person who gave effective, influential talks was persecuted, getting teased as the ‘ street kid’.He attended Western Laval High School from Quebec along with a degree from the vicissitudes of social interactions from the urban sides of Canada.

Maria is John’s wife with Noah and Kaneen as their children. They live together in Ranch Sante Fe in the USA.

Career And Milestones

• John Assaraf, the son of Mark Assaraf, is the most remarkable one in history. His childhood experiences have evolved into helping people with issues like mental health,lack of confidence, practical life disputes,etc.To simply explain him- he is the epitome of wisdom.

• John is a Businessman and works as a CEO for a company named Neuro Gym which brings in the best requirements to help people. This organization till now has mentored millions of people with its extremely brilliant methods, techniques along with the help of technology and is so far successful in improving the mental status of their customers. He is still continuing the research on getting the benefit of how to use the brain power .He has enriched his knowledge based on several researches which are thought provoking.

• PraxisNow is the company he owns which aims at producing the instruments needed to help brain power reservation and improvement. Through this initiative he has unleashed all the anxieties and confidence crises .His effort in bringing aid to the people is endless .We can always reflect the motivation and encouragement from his videos, by doing so he has stolen everyone’s heart.

• Not just a businessman or researcher but he is also the author of several books in series like ‘Interscience’,’ Street Kids Guide’,etc which have been released on international platforms. The books he has written are presented in the ‘New York Times’ as the bestselling ones.

Amazing Facts About John

• He presented himself in the American Talk Show along with the famous personalities Ellen Degener, Anderson and Larry.

• ‘Quest For Success’,’How Thoughts Become Things’ are the movies he’s starred in and many more.

Net Worth

This famous researcher,expert,film starer and the owner of companies like PraxisNow as well as the CEO of Neurogym accommodates a profit upto $2 million. His provoking, undefinable intellect to help people with their mental health and status has changed the world distinctly. He is the most prominent person you would ever wish to meet.

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