Net Worth Of JonTron 2024

JonTron is a successful YouTuber with millions of subscribers. He is also renowned for his sense of humor, comedy, controversial racial statements, talking conure, reviews, and drawings. Want to know more about this famous personality? If yes, here’s some exciting stuff, including career, family, qualification, personal life, net worth, etc.

About JonTron

JonTron hosts one of the most popular shows, JonTronShow, that attracted millions of people’s attention. He reviewed Daikatana, which is all about the 2000 best single person shoot gaming. The major attraction of his videos is the stunning conure that communicates in robotic articulation. It accompanies JonTron and engages the viewers. Moreover, in each of his videos, he adds a dash of fun.

JonTron also reviewed a few barbie games, including “Conan The Barbarian, Pokemon, Home Alone, etc.“ He also served as the co-creator and co-host for Let’s Play Series and Game Grumps. Normal Boots was one of his best works.

His Past Life And Family Background


JonTron’s actual name is Jonathan Aryan Jafari. He is native to California and each year he celebrates his birthday on 1990 March 24. According to a few resources, it was known that his mother and father were native to Iran and Hungary. Later they moved to California.

JonTron studied in the Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. He happily married Charlotte Claw in 2019. He is a pet lover and has six pets, including a Siberian cat, a parakeet(Talha), two birds(Spaghetti and Cinnamon), a conure(Jacques that accompanies in his shows), and an unknown bird.

Career Highlights And Milestones of JonTron

Here are a few career highlights and milestones of JonTron.

In 2003, he uploaded the best animations to his Newground account. This account has a unique tag name, BirdmanXZ6. In, he reviewed numerous games, and then he started Normal Boots in 2024. He usually earns a few bucks from the website ads. However, it was soon pushed back to 2012. After a couple of years, he relaunched and again started reviewing popular games.

Meanwhile, she started JonTronShow, and it became a masterpiece within a few months. In 2012, he founded Game Grumps along with his crew. Soon after a year, he left it to concentrate on his popular show. Later in 2013, he started Let’s Play Channels and JonTron LOL. He was also named as the best YouTube gamer in 2013 in a lifestyle website blog(“7 Awesome YouTube Gamers You Should Watch”). In 2015, he did a series on the web called JonTron’s Starcade and successfully completed nine shows by December 2015. One of his biggest achievements is being listed in Time Magazine as the “7th Most Searched Internet Meme on Google in 2015”.

Less-Known Interesting Stuff About JonTron

Here are a few interesting and less-known facts about Jafari that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Though Jafari is one of the most famous YouTube personalities, people criticize him for his controversial statements in Twitter and Twitch streaming, including his fans.
  • Once he said that the wealthy blacks are involved more in criminal or fraudulent activities when compared to poor whites.

JonTron’s Net Worth


According to the latest reports, his estimated net worth is about $2.2 million from his primary income source YouTube channel with over 6.6 million subscribers and 1149 million views.

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