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How about we discuss more about the “Pillow Guy”? “Pillow Guy”? Smirking right! Yeah, it’s Mike Lindell, who is widely known as the “Pillow Guy”.It’s because he is the one who founded Mypillow. inc. This person just doesn’t hold a company but was also a zealous advisor to the ex-president of America, Donald Trump, and also rendered to be a great supporter as well during the elections. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he pretended to find a cure for the virus toxic plant.

About Pillow Guy


This spectacular persona comes from Minnesota, United States. Minnesota is his birthplace and he completed his school in the same place. For his University studies, he joined a college in Minnesota itself but did not complete it. Later he attended Liberty University from where he graduated with a doctorate. He is also famous for his “What are the odds? Crack to CEO” journal which is based on his life journey.

Early Life And Family


He is a resident of Minnesota.28 June 1961 was his birthdate. He performed two marriages, with the first one he had a child but then got divorced whereas with the second one (Ms.Yokum)was just an agreement for some time before marriage(prenuptial). The rumors about Mike having an affair with Jane, an actress, spread like fire to which he refused to accept and claimed that the news was fake which was printed in the ‘Daily Mail’.

Career And Milestones


Mike, 79 years old, today is a great businessman but there is a lot that he had to go through before he was known to be successful. His initial small scale businesses like a driver, bartender, carpet cleaner, restaurateur, etc did not earn him anything and as he had a cocaine addiction, it also led to the crisis. But later on he tried his best to recover.In recovery, he created his own Mypillow. inc which initially was rated and reviewed low but he believed that it was because of campaigns related to the president in which he participated. His destiny turned when he associated with Donald Trump (ex-president). He was a great supporter and a well wisher to him, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. He advises him to stay safe at home and read the Bible.

Things That You Didn’t Know About Mike

  • His wife was the first one to file their divorce because of him spending life lavishly with getting drug addiction causing emotional as well as financial crises.
  • He claimed that he was “God’s Choice” to be in touch with Donald Trump, his idol but this caused a lot of controversies.
  • Oleandrin, a toxic plant, was promoted as an antidote for the virus(Covid-19) which was claimed to be fake as per scientific research due to which it was criticized. This was actually a promotion trick for the company’s marketing.

Net Worth

By considering his Mypillow. In turnover as well as other partnerships or advisory boards,he earned a total of 100 million. He came into the spotlight mostly because of his political connections.

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