How to Know if Your Betting App Is Legit – 2024 Guide

Gambling is one of the most popular forms of leisure today, especially among the male population. At first glance, what attracts us is the possibility of getting much more than what we invested. However, this is not the only reason why we engage in this kind of race with luck. Behind its brilliance are hidden complex mechanisms that lead us to want more, to chase more, to hope for more.

Online gambling is gaining popularity every day in the last few years, of course, for a reason. Although many were skeptical and considered that online gambling is unsafe (which is true if you are not careful), over time they embraced the possibility to have fun from home or from any other place and playing their favorite game at any time. Players also saw online games as an opportunity to save the time they would spend on transportation to the real casino. But the most important thing of all is that they realized that they are actually winning because the payouts are much higher than in the land ones, and in addition there are many types of bonuses that the player gets – welcome bonus, free spin, no deposit bonus, and so on. The welcome bonus is the favorite among all because it is in the same amount as your first deposit. Sounds good, right? Often bonuses come with something called a wagering requirement. In gambling parlance, this is the required number of times you can play using the bonus money before withdrawing any winnings from it.

Considering that today we all have smartphones that are also real small computers, it is clear to you that players most often access games through them. In order to provide as easy access to players as possible, casinos have designed applications that make this possible. Since last year, you can also find them in the Google app store, even though they were banned. In the beginning, we mentioned that it is important to be vigilant with real money casino app because there are many dangers lurking on the Internet from stealing data and, of course, money. Read below how you will find out the easiest way whether the application is legit or not.



Reviews are undoubtedly one of the best indicators of whether it is a scam or not. It’s a place where other users leave their experiences that will help every new player make the right decision, whether it’s about security, game selection, or anything else.

Logo and name

The Internet is a place where one small spelling mistake can cost you money. So, when installing the application, pay attention to whether the name of the online casino is spelled correctly, as well as whether the logo is exactly the color and shape it should be.


Licenses are an indicator of the casino’s validity and are displayed on the front page, usually somewhere at the bottom. Make sure that you only put your money into these trusted places. Although gambling regulations vary from place to place, almost every legal online casino has a legal gambling license. Legal online casinos require a gambling license from a regulatory body, usually a government commission. Different jurisdictions may have different licensing requirements.

Choice of games


This is certainly another indicator that will help you make the right decision. In other words, the more games there are, the less chance there is of fraud. When we talk about the selection of games, you will get one free tip – never choose the most prominent games on the site because they are usually the ones with smaller payouts, just like the first tables in land casinos.

Payment methods

When it comes to payment methods, the same rule applies to the selection of games – the more there are, the less chance of fraud. Some casinos even accept cryptocurrencies, which gives players an additional opportunity to make money, bearing in mind that digital money is one of the most profitable ways of investing today.


Customer support is something that every player needs sooner or later. Even if you don’t need it, it’s good to know that someone is there if you need help with anything – you have a problem logging in, you don’t know how to claim a bonus, you can’t withdraw money, and so on.



The casino, worthy of attention, hides nothing. On the contrary, it communicates the most information about itself, since it has a lot to brag about: on the page, you can also find information about licensing and a description of the institution, its history, answers to popular questions, data on the largest winnings, etc. Transparency of information correlates with the reliability of online casinos: creators dubious “ephemeral” people don’t waste time and money filling out the page and have nothing to write.

Improved technology is another characteristic of new casinos. Who does not know that the latest casino games and sites are made using the latest and most suitable technologies? The software used by new online casinos is usually faster and offers a better gaming experience. Offering a wide range of games from a wide range of providers, the new casino sites ensure that every player will find something to play. From slots to table games to cards, there really is no shortage of options to choose from.

Final thoughts

Gambling was and will be a way of relaxation for many people. Your task is to approach carefully when it comes to choosing casino and application, but also when it comes to your finances. By this we mean the player should always be aware this is not a lifestyle but recreation, a hobby that will relax you after a long, exhausting day at work. Make sure you never invest more than you are willing to lose, invest only the amount that will not have a negative impact on your everyday life if you lose it.

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