3 Ways to Know if Your Sports Betting Platform Is Legit or Fake

It is completely normal that every bettor has its own requirements regarding sports betting activity on some online platform. However, even though there is a wide choice of different bets and offers that online betting platforms provide, the most common thing that all bettors need to look after is whether they found a reliable and legit sports betting site. At first glance, they all look the same, so you really can not tell whether or not a particular bookmaker looks trustworthy. This is a very significant aspect in terms of how your betting experience is going to be and whether or not you are going to bet fairly. It is best to get the whole picture and look at some signs that will tell you whether some sports betting is the one that you can trust. You can find more useful information here – 20Bet.

1. Check for the standards and authorization


One of the crucial things that will tell you whether or not some sports betting platform is trustworthy, credible, and legit is if it operates with some independent organizations. More precisely, there are special institutions that are overseeing activities and constantly checking the sports betting brand and their platform in the terms of whether they are meeting some established standards, industry or national ones.

2. A legit spot betting platform needs to have the license


All professional and legible online sports betting sites are obligated to have a proper license obtained from the UK Gambling Commission in order to offer their services to the users in the first place. Therefore, you should know that you will be putting yourself at a huge risk in case you are betting at a gambling site that does not have a license. You need to understand that their activity is not legitimate, therefore there are no authorities that approved their operation.

For those who do not know, all sports betting brands need to meet certain standards that we mentioned previously in order to be properly licensed. A license is a clear sign that tells users that they can bet with peace on their minds and that they are protected. More precisely, bookmakers will prevent any type of crime and protect the users. If bookmakers do not obtain a license, you, as a bettor, do not have any ground that you will be protected in the case of crime.

Additionally, since some sportsbook companies are offering services to people from other countries as well, do not be surprised if you see some other licenses obtained from different authorities including Malta Gaming Authority and Gibraltar Gambling Commission.

Every user can see whether a sportsbook has a proper license by checking their website, usually on the footer of the page. Additionally, you will notice a license number that you can search on the UK Gambling Commission website

3. Seek for regulation


When it comes to obtaining a license, you should know that this refers to regulating gambling activities such as technical standards. Additionally, it also includes how some sportsbook handles their client’s funds. However, something that sportsbook also needs to have is a set of terms and conditions when it comes to betting rules. This is telling clients how they can place valid bets. In general, this refers to obtaining industry standards and at the same time, there are certain betting expectations that are established.

This means that every bettor has a clear picture of his activity. Bettors generally do not know that there are certain factors that all legit online sports betting platforms need to take to comply with their license standards. One of the most crucial ones is the ADR – familiar as alternative dispute resolution which refers to the fact that an independent institution is handling complaints of any kind from clients. While checking for perfectly defined betting rules in the term and condition section, you may also check the logo of a mediator. An eCOGRA or IBAS is one of those.

A legit sports betting platform needs to be committed to the Gambling Community


Setting aside sportsbook license details, logos as well as terms and conditions that include strict betting rules, you will also see website links to other organizations. You should know that this is not a guarantee that the site is legit, it only means that it operates as a part of the gambling community. In general, those links are just showing connections with some other gambling groups. For instance, if you see GamCare,, or GameStop, you should know that this can give you relief in the terms of legible operation. These operators are meeting regulations and clients’ protection to the fullest. This is one more sign that you are looking at a responsible gambling policy.

Check for the special Security Measures

All reliable, credible and legit betting platforms need to take all necessary activity in order to ensure that every client’s personal data is safe and protected. Generally, if you as a player want to invest a huge amount of real money in betting activity, you need to feel comfortable and ensure that all of your personal, as well as financial information, will be secured and protected. In that way, there would not be a risk that you can be frauded. There is generally more than one way that online sports betting platforms obtain in order to provide secure and safe betting to their clients.

Primarily, we are going to talk about SSL or Secure Socket Layers which are part of securing measures. In general, you need to check whether or not some sportsbook is using encryption tools that are created to protect transactions and clients’ data. This creates an encrypted link between the server and the browser. In other words, all data that is inputted or transferred will completely remain private.

Numerous signs can let you know that some platform is secure for you. One sign can refer to the security policy that the site obtains which includes a set of measures that will protect users. All users should see the word secure in their browser address bar. Other browsers may also show you the address as HTTPS – where the s indicates security.

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