5 Ways To Know If Your Online Bookmaker Is Legit And Trustworthy 

The online casino and gambling industry are thriving now, and the total number of users is increasing every day. Due to the soaring craze, several fake online bookmakers have been launched in order to bait more beginners into gambling and take their funds. As a result, it is vital to tell apart fake ones from genuine bookmakers.

How Does A Legitimate Online Bookmaker Looks Like

Here are a few signs and elements that can help you know if an online website is legit and trustworthy.

1. Check If The Site Has License


A license indicates that the website has gone through the procedure of being authorized and operated by a specific gambling authority. An online bookmaker site has to move through various rounds to be accepted for a license and pay the charges.

A license from a betting regulator can only be obtained by legitimate betting sites. Generally, there are four different kinds of approvals for online casinos and gambling websites, which include an operating license, personal management license, personal functional license, and premises license.

2. Consider The Interface And The Layout Of The Site

The interface, format, and overall look and feel of the website are excellent indicators of whether the site is legitimate or not. The majority of fake sites are outdated and shabby, whereas authentic casino and gambling sites appear new and up-to-date. Since legitimate betting sites are constantly updated, they appear modern. For instance, you can check out 22Bet India, which is a visually appealing, user-friendly, and well-organized website.

3. Take A Look At The About Us Page


Every genuine site has an About Us page where you can learn more about the site, its past, objectives, the people that run it, and other data. It is best to take a look at the About Us page to see if the bookmaker is genuine. If there is no About Us page for the site, that is a red flag for a fake website.

On the About Us page, the content should be precise and straightforward. It should include information, such as the year of establishment, physical address, contact information, founders, and others. If the About Us page manages to incorporate this information, the site is most likely reputable.

4. Security Measures

The trustworthy and licensed sites must take steps to protect your personal information. If you plan to gamble with real money, you need to be sure that your personal and financial information will be safe on the site. An online bookmaker can guarantee security in a variety of ways.

The most significant thing to look for is whether or not encryption methods are being employed. These are made to keep transactions and data safe. The primarily used type is SSL (Secure Socket Layers), which is an encryption-based internet protocol.

The certificate and security of a website are checked by your browser. The padlock emblem is one of the more visible signs of a safe site. In addition, you can detect the word secure in your browser address bar, which indicates that the website is safe. A few browsers may display the address as https rather than http, which implies that it is a secure site.

5. Check Out The Customer Reviews


Checking the customer reviews to learn more about a site is another technique to determine if it is legitimate. It is critical to look for fair and unbiased online website feedback when looking for reviews. A solid review will provide you with plenty of information about the bookmaker, including its features and its trustworthiness.

If the review leaves you with a positive image of the website, it is most likely legitimate and trustworthy. On the other hand, if the feedback cites issues like players being denied payouts or winning bets being canceled, it is a major red flag.

Common Ways To Spot Fake Online Bookmakers

Here are a few warning signs that indicate that an online casino site is fake or not genuine.

The Website Is Unsteady Or Full Of Bugs

Examining the website is one of the simplest and fastest ways to determine whether or not an online betting site is legitimate. Check if the pages are properly loading, whether it is full of bugs, or have excessive pop-up ads. Though it can sometimes be a bookmaker’s technological issue, it is still a good idea to avoid these websites since they can destroy your data or money.

Change In Website Address

In general, controlling authorities stop unlicensed online casinos and gambling sites. Due to that, some illicit internet bookmakers modify their website addresses to deceive local licensing councils to avoid being caught. The online bookmaker can continue to acknowledge users by shifting to a new mirror site. If it occurs to the online site you are using, deactivate your account quickly and look for a new website.

Payouts Are Delayed Or Rejected


The most typical tactic among illicit bookmakers is to delay or reject withdrawals. These phony platforms will come up with various explanations to avert paying you the profits. Withdrawals generally take a long time to complete, especially in peak seasons. However, delays will not exceed a few weeks or months.

Customer Support Is Poor Or Unresponsive

Fake online bookmakers frequently have terrible customer service or are utterly unresponsive. Some websites even include non-existent contact information, which implies that you would not be able to contact them if anything happens.

They Offer Ridiculously High Offers

Due to the fake tempting offers, a few users are misled into playing on unauthorized online platforms. For instance, no bookmaker will provide a 300% welcome bonus as it is not a sensible financial practice for professional websites.

Another way to know if the site is fake is when the lines are significantly different from the average market rate. Though several platforms may have different lines, they should not deviate too much from the market average.

Bottom Line

The easiest way to avoid signing up with a fraudulent site is to pick websites suggested by a reliable source. In addition, consider all the above-listed factors as they can help you know if the online bookmaker is legit and trustworthy.

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