Turn Your Home Into a Relaxing Retreat: 6 Ideas for Organising and Styling a Home Like in a Magazine

Every home is the place of refuge where we each seek rest after an active day. The way things are arranged, the colours and even the materials of objects are elements that can significantly influence personal comfort. Turn your private space into a relaxing oasis in a few simple steps.

Achieving an aesthetically pleasing and airy home does not involve much effort or cost


All you need to do is invest in quality, durable materials, stick to a uniform colour scheme and add a personal touch to your design style.

  • Smart organisation is the key to comfort

To this end, use decorative baskets or boxes and invest in furniture pieces with built-in storage spaces. This way, you can organise your daily essentials and items of sentimental value that you don’t want to give up. You know where each one is, even if you don’t have it in plain sight, and at the same time you keep an airy aesthetic while avoiding clutter.

  • Delimitation of activity zones

In a living room you can do a lot of activities, so if space allows, then define each area for hobbies, yoga, reading, relaxing, etc. This also improves the functionality of the room. For example, you can integrate a bookcase and an armchair for the reading area. You can include the best full body massage chair with a stylish design and numerous relaxation programmes for the whole body. Discover the iRest massage chair with Luxurious design and state-of-the-art massage technology ensure superior comfort in your own home.

  • Matching colours and textiles


Colours have a huge impact on your mental comfort. For the living room and bedroom, it is advisable to opt for nude, pastel shades that promote a relaxing environment and a restful sleep. As a splash of colour, you can add an accent wall to paint in a bright shade. Or, you can integrate a multicoloured rug, colourful decorative cushions or a piece of furniture that becomes the centrepiece of the room. Also, consider creating a colour and textile match to create a cohesive look.

The size of the room should be considered when choosing the colour scheme you use in your design. For example, in the case of large bedrooms, you can let your imagination run wild when choosing colours. Here are some stylish combinations to inspire you:

– Dark blue and beige for modern layouts.- Emerald green and black for a luxurious aesthetic on a budget. Keep in mind that black gives rooms major visual impact, so limit yourself to one wall in this colour. You can add some brightness with white curtains, rugs, bedding and drapes.

– Grey and beige. This colour formula gives the feeling of an airy and welcoming space. If you think the combination is too plain, you can include a few decorative elements such as brown curtains, a white carpet or colourful pictures.- Grey and cherry for a unique, bohemian atmosphere. Use grey as your base colour. Cherry can be included as wallpaper or different geometric shapes painted on the wall.- White and beige are easy to integrate into any design, giving a welcoming look to your living room or bedroom.- Great and white for a simple and tasteful design. If you appreciate minimalist, classic or even rustic furniture, this colour combination is for you. You can complement the room with wooden furniture pieces and a few colourful decorative items to liven up the visual picture.

For small rooms you can opt for the following options:


– Beige and white, a colour combination that creates the feeling of a large, airy room.- Light grey and white. Alternatively, you can replace grey paint with wallpaper for one or two walls at most.- Cream and brown. This colour formula gives a uniform look and a bright appearance.

Grey and yellow. While yellow stimulates creativity, the shade of gre softens its intensity and gives a pleasant balance to the room. To avoid getting the opposite effect, choose grey as your base colour. Keep yellow as an accent colour. You can integrate this shade into abstract shapes on the wall or vertical lines. Yellow also benefits the design of the room if it is present on certain pieces of furniture, decorative objects, a carpet or curtains.

  • Removal of devices from the rest room

Also avoid placing devices in the rest room. Save your laptop, tablet and other such gadgets for the work room. The TV should also be mounted in the living room, hallway or why not, in the kitchen. Equip the bedroom with furniture and items that promote sleep, reading, meditation, massage, yoga and other activities that soothe the mind and body before sleep.

  • Boosting productivity in the office

If you have a separate room for work, then equip it accordingly. You can also integrate a corporate office massage chair here, which blends in with the rest of the furniture and provides active relaxation during breaks. In this way, you boost your productivity and reduce the fatigue and stress associated with sitting at your desk for long periods.

Order should also define the room dedicated to intellectual activities. Use holders and organisers for documents and office accessories. Invest in a desk with drawers, shelves and storage space for books, files and device cables. When choosing colours in that area of the office, it’s best to go for white to visually enhance the space. Don’t neglect the importance of brightness in this workspace. Opt for lighting sources that are both quality and aesthetic. Use an LED lamp as it is more efficient, durable, more economical and much more comfortable for your eye health compared to the classics.

  • Personalising your home

The personal space where you spend most of your time should reflect your personality and lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to add a personal touch to your home decor. Enhance your mood with interesting potted plants, memorable photo collages, mementos from favourite holidays or art objects.

Organising your home should respect your needs and your lifestyle. Make each room a functional, visually pleasing space that encourages daytime productivity and a restful night’s sleep.

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