Why Consider Natural Stone for Kitchen Backsplash

In today’s modern world, the use of modern trends has surpassed traditional solid surfaces. These have brightened homes all over the world. Many businesses such as islands, peninsulas for breakfast, and eating spaces have also increased modern trends compared to traditional dining.

With the increased popularity of modern accentuates, people have opted to replace the older solid surface with more complex and more durable materials that may last a lifetime. Remodeling the kitchen is usually an exhilarating experience; it ranges from simple acts such as painting the wall to replacing countertops and backsplash.

The backsplash is a material used to fill the gaps in the kitchen wall between the cabinets and countertop. Their replacement can be done by a professional or the house owner. Natural stones should be your first choice if you are somehow stuck on the best method to use. These are perfect for any kitchen, depending on whether you are looking for a traditional or modern look.

Natural stones are very beneficial when instilled in the kitchen. Such benefits include:

Offer a professional look


Many say that natural stones are eye captivating as they come in different varieties. Experts encourage people to use materials that will cause a contrast between the backsplash and countertop. It is vital to decide which should be the focal point of the two; these enable one to be simpler than the other.

The bold statement of natural stones supplied by Saturnia is crucial to homeowners who may consider reselling it in the long run as they don’t lose their value once their maintenance is per.


Although it is usually a bit expensive during the beginning of the installation, stones save a lot in the long run; this is because they are durable. As long as it is cleaned regularly, it will always stay stunning.

Different varieties


Natural stones come in different forms, and thus there is a sense of individuality. One can be assured that their choice will always differ from their neighbors. These enhance dependency and, at long last, happiness. The variety sense of natural stones allows one be able to rhyme the backsplash and countertop.

Value increase in your kitchen

As time goes the natural stones neither decrease in their value, and thus, when you decide to sell them in the future, the buyers will appreciate your effort in selecting stunning materials. It is worth a fortune to see that the elements of nature can increase feelings by creating a peaceful environment; natural stones being among them.

Designing of a backsplash


The installation of a natural stone tends to offer quality benefits when they have been designed well. Many of you would agree with me if the design of the kitchen is wrong; it is usually not attractive nor self-captivating. The method of backsplash is dependent on the type of material used. Usually, the upper part of the sink contains footage and is hence called the high impact zone.

The sink area is large, and thus, it should be given a lot of attractiveness; the use of natural stone made of different materials in other parts of the kitchen is encouraged. This keeps the area attractive and exciting.

Cleaning of a backsplash

Are you among the people who are looking forward to reselling your home? It is essential to keep the backsplash clean to enhance its durability. Just as the designing of the backsplash depends on the material used, so is the cleaning. It is important to note that natural stones are easily destroyed by acids in food and drinks and thus may turn dull.

Cleaning of backsplash should be done regularly; weekly cleaning is encouraged. It is done with a special stone cleaner that removes dirt and grime. If the natural stones are made up of marbles or travertine, they should be cleaned using a dishwasher other than the acid and later dried using a dry cloth.

The use of natural stone is more than aesthetic, and hence it’s crucial to involve the backsplashes in your cleaning routines. Nevertheless, to quickly clean the backsplash, the stones should be smooth and well-polished.

The stones should be sealed with granite sealers to protect them from water, food residue, and grease. Typically, the greasy patterns that do not go away after washing with a cleaner should be scrubbed off using a soft scrubbing pad.

Natural stones, as said earlier come in different varieties with the most recommended, including:



It is one of the options for the kitchen countertops; if you intend to match the backsplash with countertops, then Etrusco is worth investing in as it is usually non-porous and hence the best option compared to other natural stones materials.



Marble type of natural stone act well in traditional and modern settings primarily it is sold in shades of black and grey. The matching of backsplash with the floor or countertop creates a good theme.

Natural quartzite


These natural stones are often the choice of many homeowners as they give a home a luxurious look. When combining with quartzite countertop, they give your kitchen a high end look.



If you are searching for something luxurious for your kitchen, then travertine is the choice. They are usually appealing to many people and their rustic touch adds elegance to your kitchen space. These materials are ideally the best inclusion in your backsplash due to their durability and practicality.

Bottom line

The backsplash is one of the critical areas that are essential when it comes to designing the kitchen. Many people tend to overlook the benefits of choosing the best material for backsplash. It is crucial to select the best cabinetry and countertop as these three things must complement each other to create a captivating look.

Natural stones have shown to be advantageous in particular as their maintenance cost is low. Their benefits outweigh their price, and thus savvy homeowners should consider using natural stones for the backsplash. Most of the natural stones are resistant to heat and therefore are not compromised during cooking.

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