6 Things to Know When Buying a 3 Stone Diamond Ring

When it comes to rings, models with diamonds are the most popular option for a very long time. There are many reasons for that. First of all, this material is known for outstanding quality and longevity. Also, it is the hardest material so you don’t have to worry about scratches and other types of damage.

Besides that, they are luxurious, and that is the main reason why most people will choose it for the engagement and wedding ring. The most common model of diamond rings is the three-stone one. It represents the infinite love in the past, presence, and the future. Here are some of the most important things to know about this option.

1. Symbolism Behind the Design


As we already mentioned, it represents infinite love, and that is the main reason why partners are choosing it so often as an engagement ring. The great thing is that you can choose some additional details to make it more unique. For example, adding some letters to the metal or the diamond.

While it usually represent love between two partners, there are some other options available, like buying it for a member of the family, friend, and more. However, these other options will require additional details to symbolize the right thing.

2. Don’t Rush With the Payment

We all know how expensive these rings can be, and one of the main factors that are causing the high value is the diamond. First of all, keep in mind that prices are never fixed. Jewelers can make some changes if you are determined enough.

Also, they will often introduce a much higher initial value because they are expecting that people who know more about jewelry will try to make it lower. On the other side, you should learn more about the values so you can avoid potential scams. For example, if someone decide to lower the price too much, the quality of that ring might be questionable.

3. Be Sure To Get the Right Quality


The fact that there is a gemstone on the piece of jewelry is not the only factor to consider when you want to buy it. There are many other details that you will have to check so you can be sure about the quality.

When it comes to diamonds, the most important features are carat size, color, cut, and clarity. When the rock has the right cut, you won’t be able to spot any mistakes or scratches made to it during the cutting. Also, the color should be clear and able to deflect the colors in the ambient.

4. There Are Different Shapes and Sizes

Another reason to take your time when looking to buy this item is that there is a wide selection available on the market today. Most people might think that size is the main factor that can affect the price, but there are some even more important details.

When the stone is not round, it will appear larger than it actually is. That can be a good solution if you are on a tight budget, but you want to impress someone. This option is very popular because you can find unique shapes, while the price is often lower when compared to the round shape.

Moreover, the carat is the most important feature that can affect the value. It represents the quality of the stone. You will understand that when you compare the prices. For example, buying a 1-carat will cost you under $10k, depending on additional details, while the model that is qualified as 2 carats can be almost three times more expensive.

5. Choose the Right Style


Many people think that choosing the right model is quite simple, and that all you need to do is to aim for a bigger stone since bigger is always better. However, that is not always the case. You will need to consider the preferences of your partner, along with some of her attributes that can help you choose the most suitable model.

For example, if your partner prefer wearing a lot of jewelry, it can be a good idea to opt for a bigger model with some unique characteristics that will make it easily visible while she is wearing it.

That will create the focus on it instead of other pieces she is wearing.

On the other side, if she don’t have a lot of accessories and prefer wearing elegant clothes all the time, the choice can be more difficult. If you are not sure about the right option, the best solution would be to get a plain model without many details on it. For example, a model with platinum or gold with simple three stones over it. The stones don’t have to be large as well.

6. Always Compare Available Options

We already mentioned that buying in rush can be a mistake. The main goal is to get something that your partner will to wear all the time. Also, keep in mind that she might not have the same preferences as you do. Therefore, compare the models with the jewelry she already has. If you visit the right jeweler, this person can help you a lot in the selection of the right style, size, design, and other features.

The Bottom Line

It is quite simple to understand the meaning of three-stone ring. It is always a secure option for the engagement if you are not sure what to buy. The most important things related to it are the quality and design, along with some other technical features.

In the end, be sure to determine your budget in advance so you can make the research easier and faster. There are many categories that depends on the size and quality. The great thing is that there are many models that you can afford even with a tight budget. There are even models with great quality that you can buy for under $5K. Still, be sure that you are buying it from a reliable store to avoid scams.

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