How to Get the Updated 22bet App for Android and Ios and Use It to Your Advantage?

Several years ago, online betting operators who wanted to be successful only had to worry about their desktop websites. Online bettors used their computers to access the platforms they liked because smartphones and tablets were not that popular.

Although many online punters use their PCs daily to punt on sports and play different slots, handheld devices are extremely popular. Some of the flagship smartphones and tablets are way more powerful than our computers, which means they allow us to have a fully-fledged betting experience from the palm of our hands.

Since mobile betting is the new norm, gambling websites have to invest significantly more resources because they need to provide working mobile apps or at least mobile websites. Even though some companies do not have enough funds to offer special apps for Android and iOS, 22 bet is a brand that stands out in the gaming industry. As a result, it offers more options than others.

Interestingly, Silentbet shows that you can get the updated version of the 22bet app directly from this link where you can find the apk for Android and detailed instructions that will walk you through the process of how to acquire the iOS app. This article will allow you to put this iGaming brand to the test even in situations where accessing a computer is impossible.

Since installing the applications is not always like a walk in the park, the steps below will guide you through this process and help you start punting within minutes.

How to get the 22bet app for Android?


We have access to several operating systems available to smartphone and tablet users. Although Android was not most people’s cup of tea, Google dominates the market today. As a result, most people who bet on the go use this mobile OS to access the things they like.

Since it wants to gain as many new customers as possible, 22bet offers a stand-alone app for this mobile operating system. Unfortunately, Google’s policy is strict regarding gambling applications, which prevents 22bet from uploading its product to Google Play. The good news is that Silentbet’s overview of the 22bet mobile app provides a solution because it shares more info regarding the company’s .apk file. The latter is something that online bettors must download and install on their devices if they want to use the site’s services.

Since this file is not available on Google Play, you should change some of your device’s settings prior to installing it. For example, you must enable the option for your smartphone to work with software from unknown sources. With that being said, you might be able to access this feature just before you begin the .apk file’s installation process. The process shouldn’t take long, but it depends on the smartphone.

How to get the 22bet app for iOS?

The fact that 22bet has an application for iOS might come as a surprise because most industry-leading gambling sites only offer a file for Android. Fortunately, this brand knows that millions use iOS daily to bet on sports, so it wanted to make sure they have access to a special application.

Normally, online betting operators with an app for iOS allow their clients to download it from the App Store. According to the 22bet app review from Silentbet, this site also gives its users access to the app, but they have to adjust a couple of options before getting it.

Those interested in the app have to go to the App Store and change their location to Cyprus. Needless to say, there will be a few extra steps that you have to overcome, such as accepting the Terms and Conditions and a few other things.

Once everything is ready, you have to open the search bar and type “22bet”. This will show you all of the available apps, which means that once you find the right one, you need to select “Get”, and authorize the action by using Face ID or Touch ID, depending on your iPhone.

Once everything is ready, the iOS device will install the app automatically, which means people can use it within seconds.

How to use the applications?


Downloading and installing 22bet for iOS and Android is not that easy, but the entire process shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Once everything is ready, online bettors have to open the app and check if it works. Those who do that will notice that they have to log into their accounts in order to use its services. Don’t worry, the 22bet mobile app for Android and iOS from Silentbet does not require iGaming fans to create new accounts.

Even though there will be minor differences in the site’s layout, the sections and features should be the same. In other words, you won’t miss out on any of the top-rated betting sections, bonuses, and features that made 22bet one of the industry leaders.

Unlike many top-rated gambling operators, 22bet is a brand that allows its customers to make mobile deposits and withdrawals. So, once you get the app on your handheld device, there is no need to use the desktop platform anymore unless you want.

Are there any alternatives to the apps for Android and iOS?

Despite the fact that 22bet offers some of the best apps in the iGaming business, some people don’t like using them because they don’t have enough storage space on their devices. Consequently, they have to find an alternative option to access the platform they like.

Although some gambling operators don’t offer any other mobile services, 22bet is aware that not everyone can use mobile apps. That’s why it offers a separate mobile website that people can use without downloading and installing any files. The mobile site can be used on a wide range of browsers, including Google Chrome and Safari. It offers a mobile version of the desktop site, which means mobile punters can use everything the brand offers.

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