5 Ways Technology Works to Your Advantage

Technology is a double-edged sword. Contrary to popular belief, technology can help keep you healthy. The difference lies in how you choose to use it. Thanks to the evolution of technology, there are now many applications designed to make our lives better. The even better news is that apps can be customized to suit your individual personality and lifestyle. Do you find it hard to follow a special diet? Do you want a healthy lifestyle and are looking for support? Are you looking to make some changes in your life routine and need motivation? What are the main technological devices that support our healthy lifestyle? How can you make the most of devices without risking your health? What are the ‘must have’ apps worth using every day?

Using devices as part of your health plan

Do device apps really help you get your lifestyle right? Definitely yes! Find out in the following lines and to what extent.

1. Keep up with your health and overcome sedentary lifestyles

Sedentary lifestyles are the start of many diseases. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of a routine that includes exercise, and sitting too much at a desk, affect the functioning of all organs. Without movement, toxins in the body block blood flow and thus the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the organs. How can you motivate yourself to detoxify your body? Opt for smart bracelets that count your steps, calories burned and monitor your heart activity. By the way, did you know that for optimal health you need to tick about 10,000 steps every day? Surely no one is counting, but a smart bracelet will do it by keeping,, pace with you”. Such smart bracelets are basically your personal trainer. With them, you keep track of your diet, and your sports program, as they help you track your calorie burn, body temperature, or heart rate.

Stimulate blood flow with Fujiiryoki massage chairs equipped with over 80 techniques and programmes for every area of the body. For a complete experience, the best massage chairs offer intensive stretching massage programs, for athletes, reflexology massage, and automatic massage programs for the lumbar and sciatic area. Fujiiryoki is a world leader in the massage chair industry, thanks to its 5D+AI massage technology with a morphological spine scanning function. Electric massage is designed to work strictly on painful areas.

So you can customize automatic massage programmes to suit your personal needs. The massage chairs are designed to eliminate muscle tension, prevent joint problems, get the algae moving, and prevent muscle fever.

2. Keep a rest journal

We all know how damaging the consequences of sleep disturbances can be. Whether you’ve been staying up late watching your favourite TV show or on social media, there’s always something that makes us lose track of time. A sleepless night doesn’t have disastrous effects, but over time, the habit of sleeping less than 7 hours makes you prone to severe illnesses. Get into the habit of sticking to a sleep routine by keeping a ‘sleep diary’. Smartphone models come equipped with such functions that monitor bedtime, wake-up time and total sleep time. More advanced models switch straight to silent mode, disconnect the device from the internet or allow you to note how restful your sleep was or was not.

Smartphones can also be equipped with relaxation and meditation techniques to calm your mind before bedtime. There are apps that wake the user up in the lightest phase of sleep, close to waking up. The apps use microphones to assess sleep phases. Based on the time the user went to sleep and on body movements during the night, the app reports on the quality of the sleep schedule.

3. Don’t neglect the importance of work breaks

Long and frequent breaks are the key to great success. Even if you’re focused on studying hard for an important exam or want to complete a task before the deadline, however, don’t neglect the role of breaks. It can happen that you either forget to rest or postpone your break until later. Also because of the chaotic schedule you may forget to eat or eat on the run at the keyboard, forget to hydrate or get some exercise. Look for mobile apps that remind you to hydrate, exercise or take a nap at certain intervals. That way you prevent dehydration, fatigue and the discomfort associated with sitting too long with your eyes on your laptop.

4. Put your mind to work through play

While we’re on the subject of breaks, what you choose to do in your free time influences your performance throughout the day. Even if you associate games with something childish, learn that through play and games you manage to mentally unwind from everyday stress. In addition, the right games can develop your thinking, creativity, strategic sense, logic and ability to quickly find solutions. Take advantage of free online platforms with games that develop cognitive activity. You can choose from games that train memory, concentration, attention, processing speed, mathematical skills, etc. The best games offer impeccable graphics, which takes the experience to another level.

5. Leave nutrition to technology

People with diabetes or on a diet need to watch the number of carbohydrates in their daily meals. Mobile apps are designed to manage the number of carbohydrates consumed at each meal. What’s more, the apps provide nutritional information for several hundred foods you’re sure to include in your daily diet. More advanced apps can recommend recipe ideas, food profiles, calorie counts and health statistics. This way, you start creating completely new recipes, apply creative recipe ideas, and look at restrictive diets from an optimistic perspective. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to the foods you eat every day. The more varied and richer your diet is in foods from all categories, the more likely your body is to receive all the nutrients it needs to function optimally.

Are you using technology as a blueprint for better health? Which apps have served your lifestyle best?

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