Need to Relax? 5 Cliché Yet Fun and Proven Ways to De-stress

Did you know that stress is essential for daily life? It drives your ability to stay productive, beat deadlines, meet responsibilities, and more. The right amount of stress is healthy! However, there are things that you can’t always control. Whether it’s experiencing a family emergency, choosing between tough life decisions, or juggling impossible tasks at work–some scenarios will inevitably test your stress limits. Thankfully, though, there are ways you can try to balance or lessen the amount of stress you experience.

We’re going over five things you should try to relax–from simple meditation exercises to playing mobile games. So, if you are a huge Marvel fan, you must check out reviews of the best Spiderman Games to help you unwind. That said, are you ready to relax? Let’s get going!

1. Meditating


You may have heard about this relaxation method before but have never tried it yet. It’s the first on our list because of its endless list of proven benefits to reducing stress. Some of these benefits also include improving your focus, memory, and even spiritual well-being. You may look into two different types, especially if you’re starting.

The first is loving-kindness meditation. This style encourages you to grow a positive outlook, mainly through the lenses of love and kindness. You are to meditate with this perspective in viewing everything, including things and people that give you stress. It seems pretty ironic, but it is incredibly effective whether you believe it or not.

The second type is another popular style called mindfulness, wherein you focus on breath awareness and being present in the moment. It’s pretty convenient because you can practically do it anywhere, whether at home or while driving. Either way, you can look into tips that work best for you and take advantage of apps that offer guided meditation.

2. Drinking Herbal Tea


If you are looking for relaxation in the form of a drink, nothing will beat a warm cup of herbal tea. Take note that herbal tea consists of dried fruit and flowers, not green or black tea leaves with caffeine. The best thing about herbal tea is that it doesn’t have calories, helps you stimulate your brain, and boosts your immunity if you drink it regularly. On top of the relaxing and soothing sensation herbal tea provides, you can expect better digestion. Remember to avoid tea or any drink with caffeine as it could cause anxiety and add even more stress.

3. Journaling


Writing in a journal is perfect for de-stressing because it doesn’t have to be perfect compared to writing for work or school. There is no need to overthink things, and you can be as honest as you can and write about as many things as you like.

Let’s not deny that the first stroke of the pen can be a chore for some of us. Once you start writing, however, you won’t even realize how much stress you can unload within just a few minutes of writing and doodling.

4. Locking Your Room and Turning Up the Music


Part of the stress you experience includes frustrations and emotions that you fail to express. So, what’s an excellent idea when you’re alone at home? Turn up your favorite song, any happy or angsty music, and scream your heart out! You can jump up and down your bed if you need to. Otherwise, you can go to a room, scream into a pillow, and release all the tension from your mind.

It’s the perfect exercise, especially when you feel like giving up on life. Scream, sing, dance, and jump around to a song a couple of times until you feel tired. After taking a rest, you should feel a whole lot better! Blowing off steam this way helps you produce oxytocin in your body. People also like to call it the cuddle chemical or the love hormone. That is why you can anticipate lower stress levels.

But what if you’re in a public place? You can try listening to a favorite song or releasing a deep sigh, and these should help you achieve similar results.

5. Playing Mobile Games


Despite the reputation of mobile games as being “addictive” among youngsters, mobile games have benefits towards keeping a healthy and well-stimulated mind. FPS games (first-person shooter) and RPG (role-playing games) provide you tons of opportunities to test your history knowledge, strategy, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. There are also many themed games like Spider-Man that include web-slinging and artillery that are just satisfying to play. Puzzle and quiz games, on the other hand, let you sharpen your memorization and critical thinking skills.

So, when you’re feeling stressed and need a little sanity break, don’t hesitate to play your favorite mobile game! Because a game or two can help your brain produce a feel-good hormone called dopamine, which works wonders in reducing stress. Not only will you experience less stress, but in moderation, you also get to improve your brain functions in the long run!


Life will get stressful, and your stress can reach levels that can be unhealthy for you. Luckily, there are proven and fun ways to help you reduce those stress levels. We hope this guide will help you conquer any stressful day you might experience in the future. Thank you for sticking around, and be sure to check out for reviews and guides on tech, apps, and mobile games!

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