4 Most Beautiful Flower Fields in the World You Should Visit in 2024

Flowers represent many things. Almost everyone knows that the red rose is a symbol of love. Similarly, some flowers represent friendship and some show unrequited love. So if you do not have the courage to say the words of your heart, you can give flowers to someone. They are the best gifts that you can give to someone close to you.

However, do you know that there are flower festivals that occur around the whole world? Every country has its national flower. Therefore, you can see their flowers bloom in a particular season. These countries arrange flower festivals so that everyone can see the beauty of these flowers at another level. So if you are interested in watching the world’s best flower fields, you should visit

But wait, that’s not all. Apart from this list, we also have something special for you in stock.

Here is our list of some of the most beautiful flower fields that you can visit. No need to wait for the festival, you can make your schedule according to the blooming time and visit the whole field. Some of you might not know but there are flower fields in the world. You can see specific flowers grown in acres. It looks mesmerizing.

So if you are such a lover of flowers, have a look at this;

Furano – Hokkaido, Japan


When it comes to floral fields or horticultural things, nothing can beat Japan. They have beautiful plants and the techniques and technology to work on them. One of the best fields of Japan is in Furano, which is in Hokkaido.

You will find fields bursting in beautiful colors with;

  1. Lavender
  2. German irises
  3. Pansies
  4. Columbine

The aerial view of these fields is jaw-dropping. It seems like you are watching colorful slides. But what about a walk in those fields? It would be something very beautiful. And there is not a single place in Furano too. So if you are already there, make sure to visit these;

  1. Farm Tomita – Lavenders – Visit in mid of July
  2. Irodori – rainbow field
  3. Kanno Farm – Blue and red salvia, blue sage, marigold, poppies, lavender – June to October
  4. Shikisai no Oka – Lavender, tulips, dahlia, salvia, sunflowers – April to October

Nyingchi, China


The horticulture departments and floral fields of China are no less than that of Japan. China is also one of the biggest sellers and growers of different flowers. This is because of their special meanings behind them. Every plant represents something. Therefore, it is considered the best gift to give to someone. Unlike other objects, these gifts represent sincerity and well-being.

So if you are in China or are planning to go there, make your plan for Nyingchi too. You will be able to see the peach blossoms.

The terrain is not plain and therefore, the local farmers grow the flowers on mountains. Although it is not an easy thing to do and requires a lot of struggle, the results are worth everything. The view is especially mesmerizing for viewers. You will be able to see the huge mountains draped in a delicate pink color.

This is because of the beautiful peach flowers.

So if you are ta it, make sure to visit these areas;

  1. Gala Peach blossom village
  2. Ganxiang Nature Reserve
  3. Bomi Peach blossom valley

The best to visit the area is in March. The flowers are in their blossom time. So you will be able to get a spectacular view. And you can visit many other places too. There will be other things for visitors to do.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Being the capital city, the financial center and also a tourist attraction, Amsterdam surely attracts many foreigners. Although it is famous for its Arts and historical buildings but there are flower fields too. So if you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, make sure to go and visit;

  1. Hortus Botanicus
  2. Keukenhof Holland

You will find beautiful Tulip fields there. The best time to visit is in April when you can see the flowers at the blossom time. But it is not limited to that. The time for Tulips in Amsterdam starts from March 22nd and ends on May 12th. You can visit the garden at any time during this period.

But wait,

During the early days, all flowers won’t be blooming. Similarly, you will find empty areas at the end of the season. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the sight, you should plan your visit in the mid of April.

Castelluccio, Italy


Italy is also a beautiful place to visit with all of its historic places and buildings. They surely have one of the best architectural beauty to see. However, what’s more, interesting is their floral fields.

Castellucio is a village in Italy and is known for its beautiful fields of cornflowers, poppies, daisies and lentil flowers. The aerial view of these fields is quite magnanimous. You will see beautiful pastel colors.

The government has also arranged an annual show that goes by the name, “La Fioritura”. It translates to the “natural flower show”. So if you want to enjoy a beautiful time of your visit, you should plan your trip according to opt the blooming time of the flowers.

The seasonal blooming time for these flowers starts in May and ends in July. So you can visit the village at any time during this interval. However, it is best to visit during the mid-season, as you will be able to see them at their best.


If you are thinking about the fees and all such stuff, there is nothing like that. You can visit all these places for free. All you need to do is to ask for permission from the owners if you want to walk in there. This is because these are private lands of farmers. They grow flowers to sell them. Therefore, all you need to do is to be on good terms with the locals.

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