4 Reasons Why Every Casino Lover Should Visit Estonia

Are you someone who loves to gamble and have fun online, or at an actual land-based casino? The truth is that one might feel a bit overwhelmed with all the options that are out there on the market. For instance, have you ever visited Estonia? For a lot of gambles and casino lovers, it is a popular destination that has a lot to offer. Why and how so, and is it worth your time? Keep on reading to discover if you should visit it and what spots you can’t miss out on.

1. Not too busy


Old Europe is overpopulated, or even more so quite saturated.

Because infrastructures weren’t designed for as many people, there are problems for people to get around and move from point A to point B.

Summertime tourism makes things worse. We all step on each other’s toes in France, Spain, Italy, and even new beach nations like Greece and Croatia. However, Tallinn, which is Estonia’s capital, is village-like.

Medieval towers and city walls surround VanaTallinn’s old town.

Everything is human-sized and never crowded, which allows tourists to move with ease from one location to the other and explore all the hot places (including casinos). You can discover a ton of different options just on foot.

Cruise guests will only be in town for two hours, strolling in groups of 50.

They aren’t in monuments, museums, or 300-step towers.

You will be amazed by how wide everything is, and how nothing needed queuing or pushing.

Estonia is sheltered from mass tourism compared to Europe and Asia.

You can drive across the three Baltic states, stop in Helsinki or Stockholm (by boat), or start your journey to Russia in Estonia.

Tallinn-St. Petersburg is accessible by bus.

2. Affordable and accessible


Price levels in Estonia are quite low when compared to those of other European countries, and definitely when compared to the U.S.

There is a lower tax on gasoline than in other countries, food is cheap, and a nice restaurant meal can be found for under 10 euros.

And as Estonia’s national parks are free to enter, many of the country’s most remarkable features may be experienced without spending a dime.

Thanks to its modern infrastructure, the entire country of Estonia is accessible by car.

The roads are mostly paved, but some are also well-maintained gravel.

Due to the country’s remarkable flatness, most hiking pathways are accessible by a sturdy wheelchair or stroller. This is why most tourists love to stroll around on foot and get familiar with everything that the country has to offer, including its casinos and variety of spots that are worth checking out.

3. The history and success of Playtech


Playtech games and slots are frequently found at the best online casinos, and you have probably heard about it before or you’ve played a game or two yourself by Playtech.

Playtech was founded in Tartu, Estonia, in 1999, at the height of the internet gaming boom. More context is needed on Playtech’s past so that you can fully understand its huge success.

In the late ’90s, internet gambling sites experienced explosive growth.

Comparatively tiny to the typical setting.

When it came to online gambling, 1999 was the Wild West.

To start, the year 2006 marked the beginning of the end of legal online gambling in the United States. It opened up a huge potential customer base in a country that was rapidly adopting digital technology.

Casinos have always been popular in Las Vegas’s home country.

There was less oversight on a global scale.

In the early days of online gambling, most casino software companies were unproven upstarts. Competitors to Playtech dealt with everyone, all the time.

Scam sites, dubious casinos, and illegal platforms were the primary targets of casino software developers. However and for Playtech, the cost of their product was high, and they were difficult to work with.

These questionable websites quickly imploded, bringing their accomplices down with them. Playtech has kept its honor and stellar standing intact and is a popular brand worldwide still to this day.

4. You can visit different islands

Time seems to move more slowly on the islands.

The Estonian islands are well known for their unspoiled beauty and provide a window into country life.

The untouched environment of the islands has maintained traces of its brutal conflict and medieval heyday.

For those interested in paddling, sailing, or fishing, Estonia’s many small, deserted islands provide perfect vacation spots.

You might be able to find an island with the ideal balance of serenity and a genuine nature vacation.

In addition, Estonia is home to some of the biggest islands in the world, many of which are significant in terms of both history and the environment. The largest and most populous island in Estonia is Saaremaa, which is also the third-largest island in the Baltic Sea.

Because of its unrivaled beauty and remote villages with stone walls and thatched roofs, Saaremaa is adored by all Estonians.

In addition to being well known for its spring water, beer, rye bread, and cheese, Saaremaa is a representation of the true Estonian mentality, which is one of independence and, dare I say it, a little stubbornness. So, in case you get fed up with gambling or if you want a change of scenery, exploring some of these options may come in handy.

Most people associate Saaremaa with dolomite rock, windmills, and locally brewed beer.

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