8 Best and Worst Florida’s Politicians In the Last 10 Years

Florida is one of the most important states for USA politics. So we are often hearing a lot of speculation about its representatives. Of course, every state rests on politics. Especially when it is one of the swing states and winning in Florida is one of the most significant victories in every presidential election. That is why there is actually a lot of talk about their politicians and they are often divided into good and bad. Below are a few examples of them.


1. Rick Scott


Scott is known as a Florida senator who has achieved incredible success. Even before his political career, he was destined for great things for several reasons. Although he comes from a poor family in which he grew up without a father, he managed to achieve great goals. So, his career starts during his student days. He was trying to start a business by investing in a donut shop. After graduating, he got a job in a well-known law firm. We have to mention that he invested his first money in two donut shops, and after that in much bigger things. He first became governor, and then ran for senator and won the election.

It was very uncertain until the very end, but he still won. It is interesting that he did not immediately accept the new position, but waited for the previous mandate to pass. After his expiration, Scott was officially proclaimed a senator. His political successes begin the moment he begins to advocate for patients’ rights. However, these are not the only goals. He spoke equally about the importance of the environment and educational programs. They provided better conditions for patients, safer procedures and simpler procedures. The death rate has since dropped drastically when it comes to operations in Florida. According to Scott Cooper Miami Beach, Scott is so popular in Florida that not even the strange act of his consultant could disrupt that.

2. Ron DeSantis


Ron DeSantis is first and foremost a very experienced lawyer. He graduated from Harvard and Yale. However, over the years, he has opted for something else. He soon became governor and achieved great success. He mostly fought for immigration, medical marijuana program in Florida, contraceptives, better economy and education programs. During his career.

3. Matt Gaetz


After defeating Steven Specht, Gaetz ceases to be just a local politician. His role becomes much bigger, but with a reason. To achieve his goals, he invests a lot of money and energy into his campaign. The support he had also contributed to his success. He was also very persistent in fighting for his views and political goals. Courage is one of its greatest strengths. He graduated from William & Mary Law School and then worked at the law firm. Throughout his career, he declared himself a libertarian populist.

His thinking was very similar to that of Donald Trump. During his career, he also exposed certain disagreements regarding various educational programs. One of them is No child left behind act or Race to the top. He believed that education policy should be maintained exclusively at the local level. In addition, he advocated for LGBT rights. Thanks to his contribution, the ban on adoption by same-sex couples was lifted. He also advocated judicial activism.


1. Frank Artiles


Although he can be considered a former politician, he remained active for some time. It is precisely because of these activities that he found himself on this list. The public was most surprised by his statements on racial grounds which are very offensive. He was very direct in his presentation and the insults did not end up on one of the social networks such as twitter.

This is not the only insult he publicly addressed to certain colleagues, because he also cursed his colleague during the show. He did not appear after that and resigned. He was not there until the election for the Senate, where he represented a fake candidate who diverted votes from the current Democrat. That’s why he’s out bond.

2. Danny Burgess


This freshman state senator has had a number of outbursts. One of the biggest is a devised law in which he planned to destroy social media. His main goal was to challenge conservative opinions, but he turned out to be contradictory in that. Although he presented himself as someone fighting for freedom of opinion, he advocated for peaceful protesters. This is contrary to the law established by the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. He wanted to prevent non-existent violence at the protests. He also wanted to cancel the bail for all people who were arrested in the protests, but also for the law enforcement agencies to be maximally protected. It is worth mentioning his advocacy for the vaccine while at the same time advocating for the freedom of anti-vaxxers.

3. Manny Diaz


He is currently in the Florida Democratic Party. He left Cuba many years ago together with his mother, and graduated from Belen Jesuit Preparatory School. He eventually reached the University of Miami School of Law. He is married to Robin Smith and together they have four children and three grandchildren. During his political career, he was known as a vocal supporter of Mike Bloomberg, which enabled him a better position. He was also anti-communist and turned out to be very unpleasant towards the socialists who won.

4. Blaise Ingoglia


During his tenure, there was a struggle to impose major restrictions on the electoral process. This refers to absentee voting, excessive identification, disabled access to the boxes. So, this is a very harsh Republican strategy. Its main goal was to reduce votes. This fraud could never be proven. Ingoglia denied the statements all the time.

5. Jeanette Nuñez


This politician is the deputy governor of Florida. In addition, she has been known as a pro tempore speaker in recent years. She is the first Latina to hold this position. Before becoming a politician, she was a professor and advisor. She is married to Adrian Nuñez and has three children.


If you have not been familiar with the Florida political scene, we hope you found our article interesting and useful. Because who knows, maybe the next president of the USA will be someone from Florida.

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