Best Corporate Background Music For Your Videos in 2024 – Motivational Music Tracks

“Create dynamic, professional presentations, product demos, corporate videos and infomercials with motivational, uplifting, positive royalty free corporate background music.”

The art of communicating business culture to clients and employees is often a tricky process. However, spicing up your music to invoke a certain emotion from people is a big step in the right direction.

Here is a list of motivational, upbeat music tracks that are perfect for creating dynamic, professional presentations, product demos, corporate videos and infomercials. Explore the power of music by using these tracks during seminars, award ceremonies, team building events and for company on hold music.

Can Do Spirit 

This rich ballad of lightly tapping piano keys, motivational percussion and upbeat strings would fit nicely into any corporate event seeking an engaging, inspirational message. Team building events, seminars and award ceremonies can represent something more than just business, but rather a yearning for achievement.

Inspiring World 

Sometimes you need to slow down in order to communicate the intricacies of how you do business. Create the perfect product demo or infomercial with the melodies of light, airy piano, bells and strings, signifying a contemporary, engaging look at achievement and professional inspiration.

Success As One 

The engaging, strong guitars and drums in this piece can raise hairs on the back of your neck. Implement this modern track for a driven look at a new product or a motivational version of team building events, advertising or corporate videos.

World Class Performance 

This starts slow and intriguing, while exploding into a hopeful ballad of acoustic guitars, strings and drums to create an image of achievement on the horizon. Use this track to invoke motivation at corporate events, award ceremonies, team building events and presentations.

For A Good Cause 

This combination of bells, percussion and synthesizers lives up to its inspirational name. It offers a professional, yet driven look at the future. Corporate videos, presentations and team building events would benefit from this aspirational track.

Go Getter 

Attract the masses with the appeal of rock. Corporations often need a new perspective and this choir of electric guitars might be the solution. The track offers an inspirational, professional tune for use at corporate events, big product launches and corporate videos.

Inspiration All Around 

With a hint of ethnic influence, cater to the growing trend of international business. Corporate videos and product launch videos could use this entrancing, yet inspirational look on business music.

For The Future 

A rhythmic look at a track that can make your business presentation or corporate video stand out. A combination of guitar and piano riffs come together in a driven business melody with a positive outlook.

Mind Over Matter 

Technology companies rejoice! This atmospheric blend of dynamic beats and electronic tempo will engage those interested in your product. It is perfect for product launches and infomercials. This track would also work well for company on hold music and presentations through Sliderocket, Powerpoint and Prezi.

Pushing Performance Boundaries 

A modern take on professional business tracks that explore achievement and dynamic features. The hard, heavy tones would fit perfectly in a technology product demo, a presentation or even a seminar.

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