Is Custom Benchmade Bugout Worth It?

When it comes to pickin’ out a new knife, whether it’s something for everyday tasks, hiking trips, or general use around the house, there are countless options to choose from.

One that really stood out to me though was the Benchmade Bugout, especially the customizable versions that let you add your own personal touches and upgrades.

And the great thing is that you can find a lot of different models on the market as well as custom benchmade bugout.

Now, I will share more details about this item so that you can see if it’s worth the investment.

Customization Options

benchmade bugout knife neon green

The Benchmade Bugout offers a lot of options to make it your own. You can customize the blade steel, handle material and finish. This lets you tailor the knife to how you plan to use it.

For the blade, you’ve got top-grade steels like S30V that hold an edge well and don’t rust. You can also go with something even tougher like S90V or Damasteel for durability and a unique look.

As for the handle, you have the standard Grivory or can upgrade to carbon fiber, aluminum, etc. These choices change the weight and how it feels in your hand.

They also let you pick colors for the handle and hardware. So no two customized Bugouts have to look the same.

Benchmade’s site makes it easy to design your perfect Bugout. With so many ways to personalize it, the knife becomes as unique as the person who carries it.

Material and Build Quality

benchmade bugout knife light blue

The Bugout is known for its awesome build – it really stands out, even against all the other premium knives out there. The blade on the basic model is made from S30V steel. This stuff stays razor sharp for a long time and doesn’t rust easy either. It can handle whatever you throw at it while keeping an edge.

The handle uses a material called Grivory. It’s super lightweight but durable too. That’s why the knife feels like nothing in your pocket. But make no mistake, this thin is strong. Guys who want more can upgrade to titanium or carbon fiber for the ultimate in durability and looks.

All the other parts like the screws and AXIS lock are top-notch. That lock makes opening and closing the knife with one hand easy and has it locked in tight. This thing just works.

It’s clear Benchmade cares about quality – they chose each part because it makes the Bugout an amazing cutting tool. Custom or not, it feels solid in your grip and doesn’t let you down no matter what you use it for.

Performance and Utility

benchmade bugout knife blue

Originally made for hikers who need lightweight gear, the Bugout can handle way more than that. The blade – whether standard S30V steel or upgraded to something like M390 – cuts like a dream.

That kind of sharpness is crucial if you need to bust out some precision work, like preparing meals in the backcountry or cutting tough stuff in an emergency. The ergonomics don’t let you down either – the handle is comfy no matter what material you choose so your hand doesn’t get sore during long uses.

Textured handles on custom versions give you a solid grip too, so you don’t have to worry if your hands get sweaty or wet out there. This thing works great for outdoor tasks. Despite being lightweight, it can chop firewood or slice through heavier materials like a bigger knife no problem.

Plus the AXIS locking system makes it safe and convenient to use the Bugout with one hand in tricky situations. Overall, it excels at both hard work and casual jobs. Serious campers aren’t the only ones who’ll get good use out of it.

Price Analysis

benchmade bugout knife green

The basic Bugout comes in between $130-150 usually, which is alright for high quality knives. But custom ones can end up way pricier depending what you add to it.

Upgrading just the blade steel to something nicer like M390 or Damasteel raises the cost by $30 to $200 already. Then if you improve the handle material too, like titanium or carbon fiber, it adds another $100-plus on top. A fully loaded custom Bugout could push $300 when all’s said and done.

That might sound like a lot for a folding knife. But you gotta think about what those upgrades are worth. Higher end materials not only look nicer, they make the knife tougher and perform better. Like choosing a better steel means your edge will last longer, which is huge if you use your blade for things in harsh environments.

For serious knife collectors or people who really depend on having the best tool for their work, those enhancements could be worth it. But casual users will probably be just fine with the standard model.

Comparisons with Other Knives

benchmade bugout knife green orange

Take knives like the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 and Zero Tolerance 0450 that lots of people prefer.

The Paramilitary 2 is popular for how solid it’s made and quality blade, usually running S30V steel same as a basic Bugout. It’s a little heavier and more bulky than the Bugout though, which might make a difference if you need something extra lightweight like for hiking or climbing. Price-wise, the Paramilitary 2 is close to a mid-range customized Bugout.

Then you got the Zero Tolerance 0450, which gives more of a premium feeling with its titanium handle and slightly tougher S35VN steel. Cost is on par with higher-end customized Bugouts.

It’s a sleek option if you want durability and style as your everyday blade. Although heavier than the Bugout again, which may be a plus for some tasks or not depending how you prefer it.

The Bugout holds its own versus these two especially well in the weight department and ability to fully personalize it to your liking. Sure, those other knives offer specific materials or looks too, but the Bugout’s flexibility through customization is a big selling point.

Plus its ultra-lightweight design separates it if feather-light is a priority, like in outdoors activities. So while other options have strengths, for its versatility and low weight the Bugout could end up being the best choice.

Last Words

After looking at everything – from the materials to price to comparing it to other popular knives – I’d say the customizable Bugout really holds its own. It stands out for being so adaptable through its tons of options while still performing great and lasting a long time.

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