Deadly Class Season 2 Release Date Confirmed or Canceled!

Deadly Class is a show with a massive fan base due to its dark and action-crime genre. The first season came out in 2019 and had ten episodes. It is adapted from a comic, and the show’s concept was the brainchild of Rick Remender.

In this article, we will discuss the second season of the show. The show’s much anticipated second season has been making fans eager with no confirmation about its production. Here, we will discuss whether it arrives or not, the cast, and other information.

Brief Recap Of Season 1


In the first season, the tale revolves around a little child named Marcus, who is homeless. Master Lin took him in after noticing his challenges. King’s Dominion, a special school of assassins, has a chieftain in the latter. The institution specializes in teaching criminals how to commit murder. He and the other convicts must survive in the harsh environment of that school. In the process, he murders Rory.

He decides to make friends at school with a prison mindset. However, he was unable to socialize because of the regular issues and confusion at school. Marcus and a few other students were chastised after being found cheating during a dance festival on one occasion.

Marcus and his buddies, as well as Billy, travel to Las Vegas to assassinate Billy’s father. In the subsequent altercation with Marcus and Billy, the latter was accidentally killed. When he interrupted Marcus and Maria doing something private, another companion called Chico was dead in Maria’s hands.

Maria’s erratic behavior put the team’s safety in jeopardy. Madame Gao and Master Lin quarrel over the smooth operation of the institution, and Gao discovers the secret linked with Lin afterwards. Marcus also informs Saya about the risk posed by Chester.

Lin declares a brief school closure to investigate the murders of Chico and Yukio, and a feud between Kuroki and Soto grows, involving Saya and Maria. Lin’s attempts to repair his relationship with Gao are usually met with setbacks since she is always one step ahead of him. At the same time, he strives to save his daughter and neutralize El Alma Del Diablo’s soldiers.

Who Could Be In The Cast Of Season 2?


Benedict Wong could be seen reprising the role of King’s Dominion’s merciless chieftain. Benjamin Wadsworth, the most recent member of King’s Dominion, could feature as the main protagonist, Marcus. Saya Kuroki, the Kuroki Syndicate’s leader and Marcus’ patron could be played by Lana Condon. Maria Gabriela de Fara could be seen as a member of Soto Vatos and Chico’s ex-girlfriend, Maria.

Marcus’ best buddy at the academy could be the role of Luke Tennie. Billy, who is also Marcus’ close buddy, could feature Liam James. Duval, the president of Soto Vatos, could be Chico.

Will Season 2 Return, Or Is It Canceled?


Season 2 has been canceled, according to a statement from June 2019. He stated that the franchise had been halted as there was no replacement streamer to continue the show. However, Starzplay was awarded the contract to distribute the first season of the show in the United Kingdom. As a result, the franchise will not be able to continue with Season 2.

However, there is always a chance that Season 2 may be published if another streaming service chooses to continue the program since Remender and the others are looking for new platforms as well.

But as long as there is no official declaration about Season 2, it can be ascertained that the show is over. Hence, the fans are disappointed because the first season garnered a lot of positive feedback. If there is any new update about Season 2, we will let you know.

What Could Be The Possible Storyline Of Season 2?

The show portrays the journey of a homeless, parentless boy who attends the King’s Dominion assassin training school, where young people from criminal backgrounds are trained to become professional killers. In the show, each student is prepared to learn the use of poison, guns, physical fighting, mentally manipulating their enemies, and fulfilling their missions.

Master Lin was its chief. However, there has been no release of any possible storyline or plot predictions about Season 2 since the show was canceled after an announcement by Rick Remender regarding the same. But it can be predicted that if in the future the show returns with its second installment, whatever the storyline maybe, it will be related to Master Lin’s ventures about the King’s Dominion and the life of Marcus.

Marcus’ main intention for joining the academy is to assassinate the American President, Ronald Reagan, whom he considers responsible for his parent’s deaths. It is shown that Marcus is constantly battling with the criminal education he receives at school when he sees many wrong activities being carried out as a mute spectator.

What Is The Show About?

Deadly Class is about many terrifying crimes and mysterious twists portrayed in the show. It has a dark genre, a brutal perspective, and other threats.

The series is also about the lives of the different students in a school, each with a troubled past, and how they face their problems to grow individually with their principles and thoughts. It also has a touch of romance and love chaos.


Deadly Class is a one-of-a-kind show which portrays different types of stories aiming at a single theme. Though it received a diverse set of responses from the critics for the genre, pacing, and other aspects, it is a dark season with multiple twists that keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats. The cast and the direction of the show have been excellent. Despite no update on the renewal of Season 2, the fans can hope that if any other streamer takes up the show, it could bring them the good news.

The show is available on SonyLiv, Amazon prime video, or Syfy. If you have not watched the show yet, you should check it out.

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