Mad Men Season 8 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

Believe it or not, one or other person in the group might have seen Mad Men once or twice, and even if they didn’t, they must have heard about it. It is one of those dramas which have influenced many things in the world. It’s the story of a start-up.

It lets a person know how to recount a good story while advancing your item, for example, making the world an ideal spot to live in. Mad Men was a huge success, which got popular in the United States and across the globe. It’s been a decade since its seventh season came out and now people are hoping and waiting for the eighth season.

Finally, here’s the latest information and update about season 8, from its expected plot to its release date. So if you are one of those maniacs who love soap opera, get all your answers here.

How Many Episodes Does The Seventh Season Has?


The seventh season of Mad Men was released in two parts; the first was launched on April 13, 2014, and the second was released on April 5, 2015, and it had a total of 14 episodes that were split into 7 episodes each.

As the second part is called “The End of an Era,” could it mean the show has ended? Is that why we haven’t heard any news? Nothing is confirmed, but the fans are waiting. Without further delay, let’s get to know in detail.

Will Mad Men Season 8 Be Released?

The first season was aired back on July 9, 2007, and concluded in the same year on October 18. The journey includes seven seasons, and the last finale was on May 17, 2015. The season makes about 92 episodes, and there’s still room for more to run.

As the series was a hit, they received applause from people not only worldwide but also won awards such as 5 Golden Globes and 16 Emmys. It is broadcasted as one of the best television series of all time.

Keeping its success in mind, creators are taking longer than expected to air the eighth season. It’s been more than six years, and fans are thinking if season 8 is canceled or what? The big relief is ‘NO.’ There’s no official statement about the cancellation. However, nothing else is still not heard.

But since the seventh season ended with some suspense and a situation like a cliff-hanger, season 8 will give a satisfactory ending. Don’t ignore the fact that it was the most critically acclaimed series for the network, such as AMC. So, the fans will not be disappointed who are looking forward to the eighth season.

What Is The Release Date Of Mad Men’s Eighth Season?


The major concern is the premiere or release date if the season comes up. The future seems uncertain for the show to be back with the eighth season. Even the Wikipedia page clearly states that the show has come to an end and mentions the released date of the first and last episodes, July 19, 2007 – May 17, 2015.

Well, the showrunners are silent and don’t have any response towards this. There’s no signal from the network as well. However, there’s still a slope that the showrunners will be returning with the eighth season and haven’t canceled the series, although it has been almost 7 years. If the show comes up, fans can expect it to arrive later this year or in 2024.

The only thing we can do is wait like we are doing till now. Moreover, if we hear anything about the season, we will update the section.

Who Will Be Starring In The Eighth Season?

Directed by Matthew Weiner, Mad Men revolves, for the most part, around Don Draper, portrayed by Jon Hamm, although it includes a cast member addressing certain portions of society in 1960s New York.

The series places emphasis on recollective movement as a method for uncovering characters’ past, including Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell, Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson, Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris, and January Jones as Betty Francies, Rich Sommer as Harold, and many more.

There’s no news or update regarding Season 8. But we are assuming most of its cast will return once again. We could also see some new characters in the upcoming season.

What Could Happen Next In Season 8?


The fundamental person of the series is the captivating advertising executive Don Draper, the gifted, innovative chief at Sterling Cooper first.

Several untold stories have been left in the last season that will be answered in the new season. Some of the questions are about the cancer treatment of Megan, different stories of relationships of the employees of the company, such as Marie and Roger getting married, and their relationships after the marriage.

Also, Draper gets an offer for an advertisement for Coca-Cola while chanting in a peaceful area. All the answers can make a plot for next season.

It portrays portions of the American culture of the 1960s, including drinking, smoking, women’s rights, sexism, homophobia, infidelity, racism, and discrimination against Jews. Social versatility, estrangement, and savagery set the show’s vibe.

Nothing is uncovered yet that gives us a glimpse of what will happen next. Thus, we can assume that the eighth season will start exactly where the seventh had concluded, with some twists and turns and a new plot.

Not to spoil your mood, but if, in any case, you haven’t streamed the previous season or any of them, you are missing the entertainment because it’s worth watching the series and investing time and energy in it.

Where Is The Trailer For Mad Men Season 8?

There’s no trailer out for Season 8, but the trailer of the entire season and the whole series is available on every popular OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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