My Fight Against Insomnia and How CBD Gummies Helped Me

Sleeping is a very normal aspect of everyone’s life, and it is possibly one of the most important aspects of it when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. Through sleeping our minds and bodies rest from all the effort they put throughout the day, and without it, we increase the risks of suffering from an amazing range of health complications, not only physical, but mentally.

Sadly, not everyone is capable of sleeping as they would want. Of course, there are multiple lifestyle choices that can affect the quality of your sleep and your ability to fall asleep, however, there’s also people that suffer from something known as sleeping disorders, and the most common one out there is known as insomnia.

As someone who has suffered from insomnia for a very long time, I can say that it can definitely affect your life on multiple fields, and finding different ways to fight it has been the biggest challenge of my life, at least until I found out about CBD gummies at cheefbotanicals that helped me greatly during my journey.

But before I get into that, let’s talk a little bit more about insomnia and how it has affected me over the years.

A Simple Guide to Insomnia


Insomnia can be simply described as the inability to fall or remain asleep, and this affliction can vary in intensity depending on each persona and their particular lifestyle. Commonly speaking, it ranges from acute (which is a short-term case of insomnia) and chronic (long-term)

1. Primary, which is not caused by another health complication or problem

2. Secondary, which is mainly caused by a health problem, such as cancer, arthritis, asthma, depression, anxiety, or high levels of stress.

If you are interested, you can check other subtypes of insomnia over at

Unfortunately, I suffer from primary chronic insomnia, since it has pretty much affected me since I was very young, and has caused me to struggle in many aspects of my life, from my school life, to my professional life.

Circadian Rhythm Disorder


There’s more to it, though! At some point in my life, I was diagnosed with Circadian Rhythm Disorder, which is a type of sleep disorder that can cause insomnia.

The Circadian Rhythm is the internal clock of our bodies that pretty much decides when we should sleep, and releases a hormone known as cortisol that is the one in charge of making us feel tired and sleepy once a certain time of the day arrives.

Because of this, I was never able to fall asleep whenever I needed to, making it very hard for me to follow traditions when it comes to working or studying. To put it bluntly, it makes my life a lot harder than it should have been!

Other Problems Related to Insomnia


Insomnia and unhealthy sleeping habits can also cause a lot of other health problems. First, it greatly weakens your immune system, making it very easy for you to get sick and suffer from a lot of health problems.

Secondly, it is well known that insomnia can cause depression, anxiety, reduce levels of focus, affect motivation and productivity, and greatly reduce your performance in multiple aspects of your life, and in my case, it pretty much made life harder in all aspects, even socializing!

The thing I can say for sure about how I felt when I didn’t have a solution for my insomnia problems is that I always felt like a ragged doll crawling to survive to the best of my ability. Summarizing things: I always felt tired, depressed, and completely lost at everything.

The Things I Tried out


Of course, since insomnia was my biggest enemy for the longest time, I tried an incredible amount of possible solutions to fight it back, including professional help. I remember using Melatonin pills for quite some time, but they would always give headaches and at times they wouldn’t be as effective as they should.

I tried sleeping pills as well, recommended by my doctor. They were somewhat more effective, but they ended up making me even more depressed, and pretty much unable to work as a normal human being.

Lastly, the thing that helped me the most was changing my lifestyle. As someone who was always in contact with technology and hardly did any exercising, introducing more exercises to my life and changing the way I handled technology really helped me. Dieting and reducing my sugar and oil intake also helped me considerably! Over here you can have a solid idea of the things I did to sleep better.

Personally, changing the way I handled technology definitely made a huge difference. Things like not using electronic devices before sleeping and changing the intensity and color of the light a couple hours before my bedtime, were the most important things on the list.

However… It was not enough.

When I Started Using CBD Gummies

Things changed when a friend of mine recommended some CBD gummies he found on the internet. I shared the link in the beginning of this article, in case you are interested!

At first, I was kind of reluctant. I knew CBD was related to marijuana, and since I had never used it before, I was a little scared of it. However, once I started knowing more about it, I became more encouraged to try it out to see how it went. The thing that sold me was the fact that CBD can’t get you high nor intoxicated in any way!

So I decided to get my CBD gummies, which are, according to the community, a really good starting point for beginners, mainly because it is easy to handle and coordinate the dosage. I started by taking a gummy at first, but decided to go for two eventually, and man, it definitely helped me.

The thing I noticed almost immediately during my first days of using CBD is that it pretty much gets you in a very relaxing state, and this makes falling asleep a lot easier. In my case, it also helped me fall asleep for prolonged periods of time, thus, my bedtimes became a lot better once I started using them.

The other thing I noticed is that, at times I wouldn’t use CBD at all, but I would still sleep fairly well, so it kind of ended up improving my sleep even without having to use it. Something I’d like to say is that it might make it a little bit harder for you to work on things that require high levels of concentration, but it doesn’t affect a lot of daily chores and activities. However, since I pretty much only used it for sleeping, it didn’t really affect me that much.

Online you can find a lot useful resources about using CBD gummies, CBD oil and a lot other CBD products.

Overall, it was a nice addition to my routines, and along with my lifestyle changes, I have pretty much won my fight against insomnia, at least during the time I have started using it, so I greatly recommend it!

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